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  1. end of an era
    The Best Moments From Greek Yogurt’s Reign Over the Dairy AisleAs told through all the headlines that hyped it.
  2. empire building
    Chobani Is Getting Ready to Move ‘Beyond’ YogurtThe brand’s morphing into more of “a food-focused wellness company.”
  3. dairy wars
    Chobani Introduces Its First Conventional Non-Greek YogurtIt’s “trying to find a solution” for Greek-style yogurt’s slipping sales.
  4. Coca-Cola and Chobani Join Companies Publicly Denouncing Trump’s Travel BanCoke calls it “contrary to our core values,” while Chobani’s CEO says he’s “very concerned.”
  5. conspiracy theories
    The Far Right Thinks Chobani Is Trying to ‘Drown the U.S. in Muslims’The founder’s support for refugees has the fringe right issuing death threats.
  6. the food biz
    A New Incubator Program Is Launching to Help Find the Next Great Food CompanyThe idea is from Chobani and includes access to facilities and experts, as well as a $25,000 grant with no strings attached.
  7. Business
    Chobani Employees Rewarded for Loyalty, Given Ownership StakeSome workers stand to make over $1 million.
  8. Food Fights
    Chobani Debuts Fearmongering AdsIn turn, Dannon’s attorneys have filed a cease-and-desist.
  9. Let’s Make A Deal
    Coke and Pepsi Are Both Trying to Purchase Part of Chobani YogurtEither deal will reportedly value the company at $3 billion.
  10. Interviews
    Can Chobani’s Founder Help La Colombe Become the Next Coffee Megachain?“My intention is to work the hardest to become America’s Coffee Roaster.”
  11. Uncultured
    Icelandic Yogurt Company Piles on Greek-Yogurt Bash-athon Already in Progress“It’s about to get real,” the ad claims.
  12. Overruled
    Lawsuit Claims Chobani’s Greek Yogurt Isn’t ‘Greek’America’s most-sued Greek yogurt.
  13. Lawsuits
    Author Sues Chobani for Allegedly Ripping Off His ‘How’ BusinessHow litigious is that.
  14. Yes Whey
    Chobani Adds Savory Dips and Yogurty Desserts to Product LineYogurt for breakfast, lunch, and dessert.
  15. Whey to Be
    Chobani Donates Yogurt Withheld From Olympians to Food BanksChobani is the official yogurt of the 2014 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams.
  16. Whey to Be
    Chobani Supports Athletes With Kind Words Instead of Greek YogurtThis wasn’t how it was supposed to go down, but it’ll do.
  17. No Whey
    Russia Blocks U.S. Olympic Team’s Supply of Chobani Yogurt [Updated]Senator Charles Schumer isn’t happy.
  18. No Whey
    Whole Foods Will Stop Selling Chobani YogurtWhole Foods only wants yogurt that’s “exclusive” and “unique.”
  19. No-Gurt
    Recalled Chobani Yogurt Carries Low Risk of Food-Borne IllnessA little mold never hurt no one.
  20. No-Gurt
    Chobani Pulls ‘Swollen,’ ‘Fizzy’ Yogurt From StoresIt’s called fermentation.
  21. No Whey
    GMO-Labeling Activists Want Chobani to Stop Calling Its YogurtAn activist group wants the acidophilus people to stop calling their yogurt “real” because of GMO cattle feed.
  22. Leftovers
    Seersucker’s Fried-Chicken Fund-raiser; Leske’s Bakery to Open inPlus: new offerings from Juice Press, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  23. Dairy King
    Chobani Founder Is a ‘Hidden’ BillionaireHow very probiotic.
  24. Openings
    Greek Yogurt Bar Opens in SohoHey there, honey.
  25. What to Eat
    A Whole Lot O’ Gelato NewsPlus some sorbet and fro-yo news, too!