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  1. trade wars
    American Farmers Are Horrified by Trump’s Tariffs“No winners emerge from a trade war and that’s particularly true when it involves food and nutrition.”
  2. bad salad
    Trump Once ‘Ordered’ Rex Tillerson to Eat Caesar Salad in China“Rex, eat the salad.”
  3. empire building
    Shake Shack Sets Its Sights on ChinaThe company will open its first Hong Kong location next year.
  4. food politics
    Steakhouses Complain Trump’s China Trade Deal Is Skyrocketing Beef PricesThanks to his trade deal, beef is now going to China instead of them.
  5. gimmicks
    Coca-Cola Put Warren Buffett’s Face on Chinese Coke CansThe company went with its “best-known fan” to launch Cherry Coke in China.
  6. the chain gang
    Taco Bell Hopes to Succeed in China With Margaritas and Alcoholic SlushiesSounds like a solid game plan, to be honest.
  7. food scandals
    Chinese Factories Discovered Making Bootleg Sauces With ‘Dangerous’ IngredientsIt’s the latest food scandal to hit the country.
  8. bans
    A Major Chinese Airline Has Banned Shipments of Shark FinIt joins one of China’s major shipping companies.
  9. bad news
    China’s Seafood Is Seriously Plagued by SuperbugsA quarter of the world’s supplies are potentially carrying an alarming amount of antibiotics.
  10. no good deed goes unpunished
    A Restaurant’s ‘Pay What You Want’ Policy Failed SpectacularlyThe owners lost $15,000 in a week.
  11. video feed
    This Video Explains What It Takes to Make Some of the World’s Best NoodlesWatch a master demonstrate how he makes ancient Nanshan noodles.
  12. news you can booze
    China Will Save Wine From Climate Change by Blasting It Into SpaceScientists hope “space radiation” makes the grapes more resilient.
  13. ridiculous menus
    Is This the World’s Most Obnoxious Restaurant Menu?Calculating prices involves lots of trigonometry.
  14. The Future
    Restaurant Fires Robot Waiters After Learning They Can’t Even Pour Water“Their skills are somewhat limited.”
  15. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks Says It Will Help Baristas in China Pay Their RentIt estimates as many as 7,000 workers could qualify immediately.
  16. Clear The Air
    A Restaurant in China Tried Charging Customers for Clean AirLocal officials said “no,” because customers can’t decide not to breathe.
  17. Food Safety
    China Wants Nothing to Do With America’s Drugged-Up PorkBut it’s the world’s largest market — so our country’s farmers are thinking it might be time to reconsider a controversial, widely used muscle drug.
  18. Food Fight
    China and South Korea Are Locked in a Kimchi-Related StandoffSome pesky regulations are putting South Korea’s kimchi industry in a bind.
  19. War On Noodles
    Mad Scientists Invent Hot-Noodle Vending MachineYet these same inventors seem to think the machines will be able to replace noodle shops — which does not sound okay because noodle shops are the best.
  20. Food Safety
    Chinese Authorities Seized 100,000 Tons of Rotting, Smuggled MeatIt gets worse: Some of the meat had packaging dates going back to the 1970s.
  21. Translation Problems
    American-ish Pies: The Very Strange Story of the Grimaldi’sHow a New York pizza legend’s name wound up at the center of an international counterfeit-restaurant saga.
  22. Hey Good-Looking
    This Restaurant Is Awarding Free Food to the Prettiest People Who Eat TherePosing for a glamour-shot face scan is mandatory.
  23. Empire Building
    Dunkin’ Donuts Will Open 1,400-Plus Stores in ChinaThe chain is taking a serious crack at Mexico, too.
  24. Shenanigans
    Chinese Restaurant Tests Innovative New Menu Item: Drug-Laced NoodlesAn owner dosed his food with the same ingredient used to make opium.
  25. Flakes
    This Beijing Restaurant Claims to Serve the World’s Spiciest Rice NoodlesThe sauce is 125 times spicier than Tabasco.
  26. Atlas Chugged
    Spiking Booze With Straight Viagra Predictably Ends in Entrepreneur’sThe Viagra and booze bootlegger described his concoction as a “nutritional healthy liquor.”
  27. The Chain Gang
    Some McDonald’s in China Now Only Sell Fries and Soda“We are so sorry that we only have these choices for you.”
  28. The Chain Gang
    China’s Expired-Meat Scandal Now Includes Burger King and StarbucksThe country is already wary about food safety in the wake of tainted meat and melamine scandals.
  29. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut Served Meat in China That Expired a YearIt’s not either company’s first food scare in China recently.
  30. Beer Me
    Beijing’s Foul Air-Pollution Problem Gets Its Own Signature BeerAs the air quality index worsens, pints get cheaper.
  31. Extinction Risk
    Whale Sharks Are Being Slaughtered in ChinaFisherman are deliberately killing the biggest fish in the world.
  32. Fin Ban
    China Isn’t Feeling Shark-Fin Soup So Much Anymore“We are getting lots of signals that attitudes are changing and prices are dropping because people no longer want to eat shark fin soup,” an activist says.
  33. Made In China
    Schumer Speaks Out Against Plan to Import Chicken From ChinaThe New York senator says USDA documents signify a new era of Chinese chicken.
  34. Shanghai Surprise
    Robert De Niro Opening ‘Multiple Restaurants’ in ShanghaiWhich “well-known U.S. chefs” are headed to China?
  35. I’ll Fly Away
    U.S. Officials on Chinese Chicken Processing: It’s Totally Cool, Trust UsThe Chinese processors that were issued permits are in compliance with food-safety rules, the USDA says.
  36. Deterrence
    China Is Better Than U.S. at Eating Junk Food TooThat includes a $24 billion market for cookies.
  37. Empire Building
    Starbucks Celebrates Chinese Growth With Massive New StoresIf you’re in Beijing, get ready for a live-music “club” and a sign so big you can see it blocks away.
  38. Food Safety
    Really? USDA Says It’s Fine If China Processes America’s ChickensSome chickens are about to take a long walk off a very short pier.
  39. Beer Me
    Pabst Selling Deeply Patriotic Commemorative US Army WWII Beer, But in China“Yes we can!”
  40. Rats
    Rat Meat and Adorable Woodland Creatures Passed Off As Mutton in China“How many rats does it take to put together a sheep?”
  41. Food Safety
    Chinese Authorities Reject and Destroy Ikea Cake and Nestlé ChocolateThe government raises its food quality standards.
  42. Video Feed
    Watch the Mythbusters Popcorn Explosion That China Is ApparentlyIt’s Orville Redenbacher meets ‘The Hurt Locker.’
  43. Tattletale
    In China, You Can Make Money for Reporting a Food-Safety-Law ViolatorCash rewards of 300,000 yuan ($48,200).
  44. Oreos
    The Chinese Have Rectangular, Gum-Filled OreosStop messing with us, Kraft China.
  45. Blechtacular
    In China, Piss-Soaked Eggs Are Apparently a Springtime TreatNo, this is not a Fear Factor episode.
  46. Mediavore
    Chicken Bacteria Could Boost Urinary Tracht Infections; Jessica Simpson NearlyAnd the strains could be increasingly drug-resistant.
  47. Mediavore
    Philabundance Moves Forward on Non-Profit Supermarket; High End Popcorn IsPlus: Did Fox News really kill a story with video of Mayor Nutter spanking a woman at North Bowl; and Latina chefs are trending now, all in our morning news roundup.
  48. Xi Jinping
    What China’s VP Ate at WP24 Last FridayXi Jinping feasted on lo mein and honey fried chicken with gravy at Puck’s place.
  49. Mediavore
    Obama Mulls National School Vending-Machine Rules; Wal-Mart Eyes ChinaApples and almonds could replace school lunch supplements like Snickers and Cheetoes.
  50. Mediavore
    Chester Shuts Down Troublesome Takeout Joint; Americans Don’t Know How to LosePlus: Wal-Mart eyes China for its next move; and the Obama administration considers healthy food standards for school vending machines, all in our morning news roundup.
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