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China Room

  1. Fancy Dance-y
    Late-Night Dance Party Relocates to Dim-Sum PalaceNo Ordinary Monkey has moved from the bowels of a Financial District office building (cool) to the bowels of the Manhattan Bridge (way cool!).
  2. NewsFeed
    Chinese Restaurant, After-hours Spot Finally Goes to Sleep The China Room, known to financial-district lunchgoers as a humdrum Chinese restaurant and known to hipsters as the location of a popular after-hours techno party, will close tomorrow. A manager tells us it’s because business has dropped off. The restaurant’s poor location — practically hidden away in the basement of an office building — better served the early-morning revelers than the deeper-pocketed lunch crowd. Yes, there are still other places to score a 5 a.m. bottle of Tsingtao, but nevertheless, we’re sad for the loss. Earlier: Blind Item: Name That After-hours!