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Chili Peppers

  1. fear the reaper
    World’s Hottest Pepper Sends Man to ER With ‘Thunderclap Headaches’The infamous Carolina Reaper strikes again.
  2. so hot right now
    New ‘World’s Hottest’ Chili Is Meant for Medicine and Never Ever for FoodIt registers hotter than low-grade pepper spray.
  3. studies
    Scientists Find More Proof Eating Hot Peppers May Prolong LifeA new study says that people who eat them are 13 percent less likely to die.
  4. So Hot
    World’s Hottest Pepper Is Entirely Unpleasant to EatDon’t fear the Carolina Reaper. Or maybe do.
  5. Make It Hot
    Meet the World’s Hottest Pepper: Even the Name Is ScaryYou’ll need a chemical mask and body suit just to make salsa!