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Childs Restaurant

  1. Redevelopments
    City Secretly Bulldozes Huge Community Garden Near Coney Island ChildsTwenty chickens out there need a new place to roost.
  2. Under the Boardwalk
    Coney Island’s Historic Childs Restaurant Is Now Occupy Sandy’sAn iconic restaurant property has been enlisted in the name of disaster recovery.
  3. Mediavore
    You Can’t Stop Bloomberg in Union Square; Bouley Shuffle Just Weeks AwayBloomberg won’t let a little thing like community opposition stop him, David Bouley likes France as much as Japan, and Florent gets an offer to move to a new space.
  4. Back of the House
    Chains Slipping, Child’s Returning, and Restaurant Spy AdvertisingSales are slipping in restaurant chains everywhere, and not even because of E. coli. [Houston Chronicle] Back from the dead: Child’s restaurant, a booming New York cafeteria chain for most of the twentieth century, is reopening in Coney Island. [NYDN] For the restaurateur who knows the staff is cheating him, but just can’t quite prove it … [Craigslist] Synergy at work: Glossy restaurant-branded lifestyle magazines for rich diners at posh restaurants. To no one’s surprise, David Burke has a hand in this. [NYT] Related: Hawaiian Tropic Zone’s Tina Marino Probably Won’t Be Sharing Her Life With You Red Lobster and Olive Garden jump on the trans-fat banned-wagon [CNN]