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  1. the grub street diet
    Lillian Stone Cools Off With Spicy Noodles and Watermelon Soup“I’m drinking the Kool-Aid, and it’s seasoned with water from a dripping AC unit.”
  2. the underground gourmet
    Italian Beef So Good You’ll Forget About The BearThe sandwiches at Bobbi’s stand out on their own terms.
  3. interview
    How a Highland Park Restaurant Reopened After the July 4 Tragedy“It’s been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”
  4. the year i ate new york
    How I Celebrated My James Beard AwardLuxury Cheetos, a stop in Ohio, and three perfect diner tacos.
  5. the grub street diet
    Myriam Ben Salah Longs for the Food of Tunisia“It’s like a Proustian madeleine to me, triggering memories from home.”
  6. reopening
    The Race Is On to Save Winter DiningDesperate times call for bold proposals.
  7. food politics
    Eric Trump Walks Into a Bar — and an Employee Spits on HimThe president’s son says he got more than he bargained for at the Aviary in Chicago.
  8. restaurant review
    Au Cheval’s New York Outpost Seems More Familiar Than FreshThe eagerly awaited restaurant, which opened recently in Tribeca, has the kind of uneven, sometimes slapdash execution you often see at franchises.
  9. food fight
    It’s Only Monday and this Alinea–Cat Cora Drama Is Already So GoodAll this over a reservation!
  10. food politics
    Turns Out Joe Biden Is a Good Tipper, TooThe former VP left a hefty tip at a Chicago restaurant this week.
  11. drinking
    The $15 Mocktail Is HereAre booze-free drinks too expensive? Or have they secretly become awesome?
  12. the grub street diet
    Music Legend Steve Albini Wants to Know Why His Carrots Look So Freaky“Every one so far has been gnarled and spiraled around itself like we got the seeds from Chernobyl.”
  13. beefs
    This Breathtaking Burger Rant Is a Rallying Cry for All the Cheese-Haters“A hamburger does not have cheese. A hamburger with cheese is called a ‘cheeseburger.’”
  14. the art of the deal
    Trump Hotel That Can’t Fill Vacant Restaurant Tries Erasing President’s NameTrump’s tallest building can’t rent what, by all accounts, should be coveted Chicago riverfront space.
  15. sexual harassment
    Twin Peaks Breastaurant Chain Accused of ‘Systemic’ Sexual HarassmentServers claim they had to change in full view of staff, and even got cited by police for indecent exposure.
  16. closings
    A Restaurant at Another Trump Hotel Is ClosingEmployees say sales have dropped by as much as 40 percent in recent months.
  17. no reservations
    OpenTable Under Fire After Employee Makes Fake Reservations With Rival ServiceThe company says the employee was fired immediately — but the damage was already done.
  18. news you can booze
    Lyft Made a Beer That Comes With a Discounted Ride Home“Five-Star Lager” is some pretty shameless marketing.
  19. empire building
    Impossible Foods’ ‘Bleeding’ Veggie-Burger Meat Now Available in Taco FormIt partnered with a Chicago restaurant to create the Impossible Taco.
  20. One of Chicago’s Best Restaurants, Grace, Suddenly Closed Last NightFollowing the departure of its chef and general manager.
  21. sexual harassment
    A Prominent Chef Was Fired for Not Responding to an ‘Inappropriate’ PhotoHis former employer says the chef failed to take appropriate action after a photo circulated among staffers.
  22. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Might Try to Sell Amazon Its Old Headquarters Outside of ChicagoThe 80-acre complex with hiking paths and Hamburger University is empty starting in 2018.
  23. Unauthorized Stranger Things Pop-up Shut Down by Netflix“We’re not going to go full Dr. Brenner on you.”
  24. first taste
    The Office Is a Curious, But Pleasant, New York Debut for Grant AchatzA hidden hotel bar with $23 drinks makes our critic eager to see what else the celebrated chef has in store.
  25. coming soon
    Chicago’s Renowned Au Cheval Will Open in New York City Next YearAn outpost has been confirmed in Tribeca for late-summer 2018.
  26. pretty sweet
    What You Need to Know About America’s Brand-new Nutella CaféIt’s Ferrero’s first official café, and it opens May 31 in Chicago.
  27. video feed
    Grant Achatz’s Next Restaurant Looks to Rome and Hollywood for Its 2017 MenusThe always-changing restaurant never fails to be interesting.
  28. soda taxes
    The Chicago Metro Area Is Getting a Soda Tax, TooA penny-per-ounce levy goes into effect for all of Cook County on July 1.
  29. kind of creepy
    Totally Stand-up Craigslist Guy Seeks Foodie to ‘Cruise’ City’s Restaurant SceneSomehow, this guy is “between girlfriends these days.”
  30. soda taxes
    Chicago’s Cook County Is Mulling a Soda Tax Now, TooThe 2017 budget could include a penny-per-ounce levy.
  31. Why This Young Coffee Entrepreneur Focuses Exclusively on Nicaraguan BeansAs César Vega grows Café Integral, he’s able to support farmers in his home country.
  32. the grub street diet
    Common’s Grub Street Diet“Branzino is my absolute favorite. I can have it again and again — and I do.”
  33. teens these days!
    Columbia Dorm-Room Chef Secures Chicago Restaurant JobJonah Reider is now working in Chicago.
  34. the grub street diet
    Sweetgreen Co-founder Nicolas Jammet Balances Salads With Goat-Belly Lo Mein“We started with some shumai and lettuce cups. Then we ordered the chewy green-tea noodles.”
  35. Wardrobe Malfunction
    Pizzeria Tells Black Guy Pants Are ‘Too Street’There is more than one downside to a pair of sweatpants that cost $250.
  36. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Moving Into Oprah’s Old Chicago StudiosRenting cooler offices is apparently a “significant step” toward building a better McDonald’s.
  37. Fireworks
    Here’s What to Expect When Alinea ReopensHam hanging from the ceiling, and plates that look like they float.
  38. Chef Shuffles
    Another Major Chef Is Moving to Los AngelesNext’s Dave Beran is trading Chicago winters for sunshine.
  39. Expansions
    Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas Are Opening Another RestaurantIt’ll be in Homaro Cantu’s former Moto space in Chicago.
  40. Health Concerns
    How Chicago Is Leading the Charge in Keeping People Safe From Food-Borne IllnessIts new algorithm finds health violators a week faster than inspectors.
  41. Empire Building
    Even Restoration Hardware Wants Its Own Restaurant EmpireLook out, Urban Outfitters.
  42. Edibles
    James Beard Award–Winning Pastry Chef Embraces MarijuanaChicago-based Mindy Segal has created a line of edibles.
  43. Start Saving
    Grant Achatz’s Next Will Debut a French Laundry–Themed MenuIt will “faithfully recreate” a meal that Achatz ate with his father on his first day working at Thomas Keller’s restaurant.
  44. Excursions
    Grant Achatz’s Alinea Will Head to MadridThe famed Chicago restaurant will run two different dining experiences in January.
  45. The Chain Gang
    The First Taco Bell to Serve Alcohol Surprise-Opens TodayThe new Chicago location has tapas and an “open kitchen” too.
  46. Big Mistakes
    A Restaurant Booted a Decorated War Vet Because of His Service DogThe vet and his black Lab have both received an apology.
  47. News You Can Booze
    Target Might Try Letting People Drink Booze While They ShopThe company has applied for a liquor license in Chicago to test the idea.
  48. The Chain Gang
    Taco Bell’s Hip and Boozy Chicago Store Will Have a BouncerIt’s opening in August in Chicago’s Wicker Park.
  49. The Grub Street Diet
    Kat Kinsman Gets Deep Over French 75s“Our food editor surprises us with a lunch of asparagus, morels, and ramp toast with crème fraîche … He says he’s cleaning the fridge. I say he’s saving my soul.”
  50. Awards
    Here Are the 2015 James Beard Chef and Restaurant Awards WinnersBlue Hill at Stone Barns, Christina Tosi, and Gramercy Tavern’s Michael Anthony all won big.
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