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  1. the other critics
    Is Chez Panisse a Good Restaurant or What?The celebrated restaurant gets reviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle’s brand-new critic.
  2. chef shuffles
    Chez Panisse Chef Will Leave After 22 Years on the JobHe’s going to work on a third cookbook.
  3. drama
    Animal-Rights Activists Invaded Chez PanisseIf anyone is mindful about ingredients and sourcing, it’s Alice Waters.
  4. Interviews
    Meet the British Baking Star Who Started Her Career at Chez PanisseClaire Ptak, of Violet Cakes, is building an impressive career.
  5. Lists
    10 Awesomely Outrageous Stories About Tavern on the Green’s New ChefOnly one chef sipped crème anglaise straight from a Brandy snifter every morning to treat hangovers.
  6. Interviews
    Alice Waters on Giving Hugs, Kale Mania, and the Legacy of Mesclun Mix Salads“They do get hugs. I hug the farmers, and I hug the restaurateurs!”
  7. Foodievents
    Very Rich People Can Bid on a Chez Panisse Lunch With Michael PollanThe current bid is $750, but it’s valued at $5,000.
  8. Video Feed
    Watch Alice Waters Discuss Chez Panisse’s Postfire RenovationsShe got the beautiful ceiling that she’s always wanted.
  9. Leftovers
    Brooklyn Sandwich Society Reborn as Martha; Bill Hader’s Iron ChefPlus: The New York State Food and Beer Expo, a look inside the new Chez Panisse, and more in our daily news roundup.
  10. Opening Again
    Chez Panisse Reopens TodayThree and a half months after the fire.
  11. Fire Damage
    Post-Blaze Chez Panisse Reopens With Ritzy $2,500-Per-Head Fund-raiserAlice’s restaurant returns, Meyer lemons and all.
  12. Fire Damage
    Chez Panisse to Reopen June 10The date has been set, and the rebuilding is well underway.
  13. Go Ask Alice
    Behold Alice Waters’s Garlic HatShe wore it to a screening of the 1980 documentary, ‘Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers.’
  14. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Is Sorry She Ever Called Those Sprinklers Ugly’I won’t complain about the way it looks anymore.’
  15. Bookshelf
    Local Writer and Cooking Teacher Samin Nosrat Lands Her First Book DealThe Chez Panisse alum and Michael Pollan protege will now make a name for herself.
  16. Fire Damage
    Chez Panisse Now Aiming for Early June ReturnThe iconic restaurant will end up taking a three-month break, in total.
  17. Foodievents
    Alice Waters Coming to UCLA ‘Science and Food’ SeriesThe Chez Panisse owner will join a discussion panel on nutrition.
  18. Fire Damage
    Only the Staff Gets to Eat at Chez Panisse for NowThey’re helping to clean up after the fire, you see.
  19. Fire Damage
    Chez Panisse Fire Damage Worse Than Previously Thought, Reopening DelayedThere’s now no estimated reopening date.
  20. Fire Damage
    Chez Panisse Fire Update: Likely Caused by Faulty Electrical Equipment,The cause appears to have been electrical, and it’s unclear when the downstairs restaurant will reopen.
  21. Fire Damage
    David Tanis Reminisces About Chez Panisse’s Destroyed PorchIt was an area reserved for VIPs, and was a last vestige of the original restaurant remodel in 1971.
  22. Fire
    Berkeley’s Famed Chez Panisse Damaged by ‘Suspicious’ Fire“It appears to be an exterior fire that worked its way to the interior.”
  23. The Other Critics
    Patricia Unterman Gives Her Stamp of Approval to the New Chez Panisse RegimeUnder Jerome Waag and Cal Paternell, Chez Panisse is in good hands, says Patty.
  24. Lists
    Beretta, Incanto, Slanted Door Top List of Overrated RestaurantsChez Panisse is on there too.
  25. Presidential Eats
    What They Ate Last Night at the Big Obama Fundraiser in S.F.The Scoop has the menu.
  26. Foodievents
    Jonathan Waxman Cooks With Neal Fraser at Strand House; Jose Garces Next Up ToWaxman insists he “didn’t have sex” with Neal Fraser.
  27. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Involved in New SFMOMA Restaurant? [Updated]We’re still at the rumor stage, but she hinted to a magazine that she has a museum restaurant up her sleeve.
  28. Go Ask Alice
    Chez Panisse Contingent, Sans Alice, Heading to CubaIt’s a culinary/diplomatic mission to encourage more sustainable, local eating.
  29. Previews
    Exclusive: Chez Panisse Guy Sam White to Open Northern-Californian Ramen Shop inBig news for East Bay ramen lovers!
  30. Before They Were Famous
    Oh, and Joanne Chang Went to HarvardBoston’s best chefs have killer resumes.
  31. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Seduces Everyone With Her EggsA NYT writer experiences Alice, the chef, in her home kitchen.
  32. Go Ask Alice
    Is Alice Waters the Milli Vanilli of Chefs?Our rock-star comparisons prompted at least one reader to ask the old question, ‘Was Waters ever really a chef?’ And who should chime in but Jeremiah Tower.
  33. Quote of the Day
    Jean-Pierre Moullé Talks About Aging Well, Leaving Chez Panisse
  34. Chef Shuffles
    Changing of the Guard at Chez Panisse as Jean-Pierre Moullé Finishes HisThe second of two co-chefs is stepping down, and two new co-chefs will take over starting next month.
  35. Tower of Power
    Jeremiah Tower Credits L.A. For Inspiring Stars and the Modern Restaurant“RW Apple called Stars the most democratic restaurant he had ever seen. But it was only because of that inspiration that came out of L.A.”
  36. Menus
    Ippuku, Quince, Chez Panisse to Be First to Feature Fresh S.F. Bay HerringThe little fishes haven’t been sold locally in a long, long time.
  37. Foodievents
    Alice Waters Signing Books at Chino FarmsThis Saturday, the Chez Panisse queen will cavort with a frequent collaborator.
  38. Go Ask Alice
    Waters in China: More Details About the Organic Feast for 250Alice had them pull out all the fluorescent lighting.
  39. Mediavore
    Entertainment Commission Wants More Entertainment in Bars; Botulism Found inAlso, the NYT pays tribute to Chez Panisse’s menus.
  40. Mediavore
    Fashion Designer Does Collection Inspired by Chez Panisse; The Word
  41. Chef Shuffles
    Jerome Waag to Replace David Tanis as Chez Panisse Co-ChefCurrently a sous chef and in the kitchen since 1991, Waag seems like a natural choice.
  42. Worship
    Jeremiah Tower on Decamping to Mexico, Champagne Fasting, and All the New Books“Why are so many menus exactly the same? People are really taking themselves way too seriously.”
  43. Mediavore
    It’s Time for Tomatina; July Unkind To The Restaurant IndustryCiting economic pessimism, diners stayed home this summer.
  44. Bookshelf
    Omnivore Books Selling Off Jeremiah Tower’s Cookbook CollectionAlso, Tower stopped into the store to put his name in all the books.
  45. Go Ask Alice
    The Last Chez Panisse/Alice Waters Tribute Piece of the WeekJohn Birdsall’s sort of new angle on the Chez Panisse legacy is a back-handed compliment.
  46. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jenna Bush Walk Into a Garden …Jake lends Alice a celebrity hand in promoting the Edible Schoolyard on the ‘Today’ show.
  47. Go Ask Alice
    The Chron Bows Down Before AliceIn honor of the 40th anniversary week, the ‘Chron’ goes hog-wild with adoring coverage.
  48. Anniversaries
    Alice Waters, Sofia Coppola, Dave Eggers to Hand Out Free Lunches Near UnionAlso, David Byrne will be there, possibly playing music.
  49. Anniversaries
    Chez Panisse’s 40th: Photos & TidbitsChez Panisse: “a dysfunctional family. You run away, you come back.”
  50. Hermits
    Chez Panisse’s David Tanis Is Summering in New York As a Homebody’Heart of Artichoke’ author just wants to stay home.
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