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  1. trends
    Where Did All the Chefs Go?Restaurants are opening without any big names behind the pass.
  2. talking to
    Atomix Made Them Stars. Where Do They Go From Here?JP and Ellia Park are starting to think beyond restaurants.
  3. encounter
    The Chef Who Ditched Fine Dining to Cook for Cancer Patients“It’s hospital soigné.”
  4. sticky garlic
    Making Sauce With Instagram’s Mildly Furious, Exceedingly Horny Italian UncleHow chef Frank Prisinzano became a must-follow.
  5. arrivals
    Can Chef Manu Buffara Translate the Spirit of Brazil to New York?“People ask me where I buy my energy.”
  6. vive la france
    Michelin Chef Has Meltdown Over Being Accused of Cooking With Cheddar CheeseThe most French drama ever.
  7. profiles
    What Does Paul Liebrandt Want?He’s among New York’s most accomplished chefs — now, his definition of success is evolving.
  8. comfort food
    As the World Burns, Restaurants Double Down on Warmth“It’s our job to feed you something that reminds you of better times in the world.”
  9. no deal
    Gabrielle Hamilton Won’t Take Over the Spotted Pig After AllThe two sides were unable to reach a final agreement.
  10. rip
    World-renowned Chef Joël Robuchon Has DiedThe French chef was 73.
  11. profiles
    How One Chef Is Bouncing Back — and Helping Puerto Rico — After Hurricane Maria“I still have hope.”
  12. #metoo
    What We Should Expect From the Men Who Run RestaurantsSexual assault is the biggest problem facing the hospitality industry. The time for action is now.
  13. rip
    The Life and Legacy of Alain Senderens, the ‘Picasso of French Cooking’The celebrated chef passed away this week at the age of 77.
  14. the future
    The Limits, and Possibilities, of a Robot ChefThe chef of the future makes only one dish: crab bisque. So it better be tasty.
  15. These Deliciously Avant-garde Desserts Are More Than What They SeemIt doesn’t look like food until you dig in.
  16. the urbanist
    This Is the Global Street Food Chefs Rack Up Miles ForMade-to-order eel omelets in Kyoto and roadside beef skewers in Lagos that will make you cry.
  17. the strategist
    The Best Pots and Pans for Every Meal, According to ChefsWhat’s the one pot or pan New York chefs can’t cook without?
  18. cheap eats 2016
    Chefs Share Their Secret Cheap-Eats SpotsWhere they go for tacos, Singapore noodles, fried calamari, and more.
  19. Meet a Chef Who Infuses Michelin-Caliber Food With MarijuanaThis is a far cry from your college roommate’s special brownies.
  20. Cameos
    Why More Restaurants Than Ever Are Hosting Guest-Chef Pop-upsChef cameos can be fun, but they can also be an effective tool for recruiting and maintaining a talented staff.
  21. Foodievents
    Here Is Your Bocuse d’Or Team for 2017Per Se’s executive sous-chef is leading the charge.
  22. Results
    Team USA Takes Silver for the First Time Ever at the Bocuse d’Or 2015The closest we had gotten previously was sixth place.
  23. Pop-Ups
    Thomas Keller Launches Ad Lib, a ‘Temporary Restaurant’ SpecializingDon’t call it a pop-up.
  24. Rules
    Chefs Explain How to Succeed in the Restaurant WorldApril Bloomfield, David Chang, Wylie Dufresne, Mario Carbone, Alex Stupak, and others have a few things to tell you.
  25. Reopenings
    Fire-Damaged West Coast Restaurant Manresa Will Reopen for New Year’s EveReservations for January go up for grabs beginning December 15.
  26. Lists
    10 Awesomely Outrageous Stories About Tavern on the Green’s New ChefOnly one chef sipped crème anglaise straight from a Brandy snifter every morning to treat hangovers.
  27. Emo Gordo
    A Short History of Gordon Ramsay’s Softer Side Post-KitchenHis long-running show is over, so now he’s ready to cuddle?
  28. Institutions
    Prune at 15A staff dinner with the celebrity chef who hates celebrity.
  29. Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay Has Opened 49 Restaurants in His Career — and Seen 23 CloseThe British chef has at least three more projects in the pipeline, too.
  30. Video Feed
    Watch Mario Batali and Jimmy Fallon Pal Around on the High LineThey’re just a couple of guys seeing the sights, playing some mini golf.
  31. Video Feed
    Here’s Mario Batali and Anthony Bourdain Talking Fighter Jets and Pancakes“There’ll be no more Donkey Sauce in Times Square in around two minutes.”
  32. Video Feed
    Here’s the First Episode of Mario Batali’s New Hulu ShowIt’s Batali’s “love letter to New York City.”
  33. Lawsuits
    Daniel Boulud Sued by Employees Over Withheld TipsThe class size may eventually grow to include 500 restaurant employees.
  34. Quote of the Day
    Gordon Ramsay Says Reality TV Is Just As Good As Live SportsIt’s all about dealing with pressure.
  35. Chef Shuffle
    David Burke Already Planning a Bunch of New RestaurantsBut what about the cheesecake lollipop trees?
  36. Expansions
    Gordon Ramsay Will Open Hong Kong RestaurantHe’ll open near Jamie Oliver’s new place.
  37. Coming Soon
    Oui, Chef: A New York Pioneer Finally Gets Back in the KitchenThirty-five years after blazing a fine-dining trail downtown with Chanterelle, David Waltuck will open élan this summer.
  38. Spit Happens
    Jamie Oliver’s Flashy London Butcher Shop Closed by Health DepartmentThe shop, underneath the chef’s barbecue restaurant, has since reopened.
  39. Coming Soon
    Partnerships: Jonathan Waxman, Tom Colicchio, and Seamus Mullen Announce NewWaxman and Mullen will open restaurants in New York while Colicchio is heading to Miami Beach.
  40. Chefs
    Top Chefs, After Hours: Inside Daniel Boulud’s Birthday PartySome stayed until sunrise.
  41. Foodievents
    Grant Achatz Says Alinea Will Pop Up in New York City in October“This is very much a test … why not take it on the road?”
  42. Health Concerns
    Inspection Issues: NYC Chefs on the Realities of Dealing With the DOHSome of New York’s most prominent chefs discuss what they think could be done to help restaurants and diners better understand the Department’s sometimes-arcane rules.
  43. Obits
    La Caravelle Chef Roger Fessaguet Has DiedThe high-school dropout put French fine-dining on the map in New York.
  44. Crime
    Food Network Star’s Viet Pham Was Punched Outside ScoresThe attacker broke his glasses.
  45. Lists
    Gnocchi-Makers and Cognac Snifters: 14 Chefs and Their Very First TweetsThis is going to get awkward.
  46. Sad Face
    Gordon Ramsay ‘Started Crying’ After Losing Michelin Stars in NewIt was just like “losing a girlfriend.”
  47. Chef Shuffle
    Elizabeth Falkner Leaves Corvo BiancoThe chef has left the Upper West Side kitchen after seven months.
  48. High Standards
    No Slice for You: How Rockaway Beach Got Its Very Own Pizza Nazi“We call him the pizza nazi because it’s his way or the highway.”
  49. Model Chefs
    Giada De Laurentiis Made Her Fashion Week Debut Last NightThe chef wore Carolina Herrera.
  50. Charlie Trotter
    Rochelle Smith Trotter on Charlie Trotter“This is going to be a really aggressive year of capital-building for the foundation.”
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