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Chefs Vs. City

  1. Mediavore
    Powder-Filled Balloon Didn’t Come from Food Network; Gulf Shrimpers IgnorePlus: soda makers fight taxes, and Con-Agra reinvents the sweet potato, all in our morning news roundup.
  2. T.V. Land
    Compartes Chocolatier Hosts Lunch Today and Chef vs. City this FridayExquisite Brentwood chocolate maker holds a special lunch to celebrate an upcoming t.v. appearance
  3. TV Land
    Chefs vs. City: YawnThe Boston episode of the Food Network competition was a little dull.
  4. TV Land
    ‘Chefs vs. City’ Uses the Term ‘Boston’ LooselyThe Food Network show’s “Boston” contestants are from Wilmington.
  5. TV Land
    Chef vs. City Looks ‘Eh,’ But CBS’s New RestaurantWant to be a restaurateur? Here’s your big chance!
  6. Food TV
    Chefs vs. City’s Chicago EpisodeIt’s a relay race in the rain against big-name chefs for two Chicago foodie brothers.
  7. TV Land
    ‘Chefs vs. City’: Will Boston Be Victorious?The Food Network’s new show takes a bite out of Boston
  8. Chefs vs. City
    ‘Chefs vs. City’ Itinerary Not Hard to GuessNew show launches August 7.