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  1. lists
    Which Movie Chef Makes the Best Food?Perfect sandwiches, late-night pasta, life-affirming ramen, “il timpano,” and so much more.
  2. Encounter
    One Afternoon and Two Lunches With Former White House Chef Sam KassHe’s a new Brooklynite after six eventful years as, among other things, the Obamas’ gardener, craft brewer, and private chef.
  3. Hamburger Helpers
    Bradley Cooper Toiled at Burger King to Prepare for His Next Role“The aim was to learn the ‘art of the flip,’ which he nailed fairly quickly.”
  4. Quote of the Day
    Chef Director Says Good Food Scenes Are Better Than ExplosionsHe cites some wonderful examples.
  5. Food on Film
    How Much Did the Chef Cast Actually Learn About Cooking While Making the“I chopped, I brined the bacon for the hamburger, I chopped morels, rhubarb, I did all that stuff.”
  6. Interviews
    Adam and Oliver Platt on Critics, Chef, and Molten Chocolate Cake“He’s like you in that way. I’m always telling my chef friends that you’re really a nice, charming fellow.”
  7. Hollywood Big Shots
    The Trailer for Jon Favreau’s Chef Is OutThe movie opens May 9.
  8. Money Money Money
    Jon Favreau’s Chef Movie Facing Financing LawsuitToo many cooks in the kitchen.
  9. Trail
    Wolfgang Puck Trains Jon Favreau on the Sauté StationNext up: omakase.