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Chef’s Table

  1. the grub street diet
    Jiro Director David Gelb Dreams of Pizza“Legendary pizza for both breakfast and lunch — not bad.”
  2. food tv
    How Chef’s Table Turned Food TV Into Mouthwatering ArtThe Netflix show launched a generation of spinoffs and imitators. But making food look delicious on-screen isn’t easy.
  3. food tv
    A Chef’s Table Spin-off Called Street Food Will Hit Netflix Next MonthThe first season will cover nine countries around Asia.
  4. food tv
    The New Season of Chef’s Table Is Here to Satisfy Your Food-Porn CravingsNetflix’s ode to high-caliber cooking returns on February 22.
  5. the feeding tube
    Watch the Trailer for Season 5 of Chef’s TableThis season, the Netflix show aims to tell stories that “have for too long been hidden.”
  6. food tv
    Here’s Who Will Appear on the Next Seasons of Chef’s TableThe Netflix show is making some big changes to its chef lineup for seasons five and six.
  7. foodie television
    Here’s the Trailer for the New Season of Chef’s TableIt’s all about pastry this time.
  8. food tv
    Chef’s Table Will Return on February 17 With Ivan Orkin and Nancy SilvertonThis time, there’s less of an emphasis on Michelin-starred restaurants.
  9. Food TV
    Fred Armisen and Bill Hader Made the Perfect Food-Porn ParodyJuan Likes Rice & Chicken encapsulates everything that’s great, and terrible, about prestige food shows.
  10. Food TV
    Check Out the Trailer for Season Two of Chef’s TableThe next season features Alex Atala, Ana Ros, Dominique Crenn, Enrique Olvera, Gagan Anand, and Grant Achatz.
  11. Video Feed
    This Chef’s Table Parody Video Is Spot-On“I’m like, What are these flies doing in my soup? And then I got it. I was in the presence of genius.”
  12. Video Feed
    Watch Australia’s Most Celebrated Chef Talk Sustainable FishingChef’s Table debuts on Netflix on Sunday.
  13. Interviews
    A New Chef-Focused Show From the Director of Jiro Dreams of Sushi DebutsGrub Street sat down with David Gelb to talk about how Chef’s Table will differ from other food programs.
  14. Openings
    César Ramirez Revives Plan for 50-Seat Dining RoomThe Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare will get a sister restaurant.