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Chef’s Table At Brooklyn Fare

  1. chef shuffle
    Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare Has Found Its New ChefsMax Natmessnig and Marco Prins are taking over for César Ramirez.
  2. first taste
    First Taste: Chef’s Table at Brooklyn FareThe acclaimed restaurant has moved to a new location, but chef César Ramirez remains fiercely committed to old-school luxury dining.
  3. fall preview 2016
    This Chef Will Combine French and Italian Sensibilities at His New Restaurant“I’d been here a year eating and sizing up the competition … I had something to prove to myself.”
  4. Ch-Ch-Changes
    Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare Decamping to NYCChef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare might move to 37th Street.
  5. Lawsuits
    Why César Ramirez Needs to Address the Claims of Racism at Brooklyn FareThe three Michelin-starred restaurant is the target of a lawyer who routinely goes after high-profile places.
  6. Coming Soon
    Brooklyn Fare Manhattan Is Two Light Fixtures Away From Opening After a ChefThe original Brooklyn location will close while César Ramirez concentrates on the new location.
  7. The Tab
    America’s Most Expensive Tasting Menu Is $1,160 (for Two)That’s really a lot of money.
  8. Oh Snap!
    Everyone: Taking Food Pictures in Restaurants Is Not That ComplicatedShutter to think.
  9. Health Concerns
    There Are a Few New York Chefs That Don’t Have to Deal with Letter GradesOpen a restaurant in a market and health grades won’t be an issue.
  10. Corkage
    NYC Wine Corkage, by the NumbersIf you want to bring your own to these costly restaurants, it’s going to (predictably) cost you some more.
  11. Anticipation
    Brooklyn Fare Still BYOB … for Now [Updated]Keep that Pinot Noir in your Prada bag.
  12. Video Feed
    Best of New York, Haute Cuisine EditionWe stop by Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare.
  13. Lists
    Twelve Restaurants Where You Definitely Won’t Be Bothered by Crying KidsWe called every nice place we could think of and got the definitive list of who does, and (more importantly) doesn’t, allow crying kids into their dining rooms.
  14. Oh Snap!
    Shutter: Let’s Talk About Taking Pictures in RestaurantsPhoebe Damrosch lays some ground rules for the latest restaurant-dining irritant.
  15. The Other Critics
    Three Stars for Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare; Cheshes Enjoys PorsenaPlus: Sietsema disappointed by Hofbrau Bierhaus, Greene revisits Red Rooster, and more, in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.