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  1. wine pairing of the week
    How to Pair Wine With CheetosIt’s time to grab some Sancerre.
  2. shortages
    New York Is Literally Running Out of CheetosAnd Doritos, and Fritos, and lots of other junk food.
  3. dangerously cheesy
    Cheetos Popcorn Is the Movie-Theater Concession Mash-up You’ve Been Waiting ForYou can buy bags at Regal Cinemas nationwide starting today.
  4. pop-ups
    New York’s Cheetos Pop-up Has a 1,000-Person Wait ListAll of its reservations disappeared in just six hours.
  5. dangerously cheesy
    Get Ready for the All-Cheetos RestaurantIt’s called the Spotted Cheetah.
  6. gimmicks
    Cheetos Made an Easter Clothing Line That Helps You Avoid Cheetos FingersThere are ascots for hands-free snacking and pants with “lapkins.”
  7. who knew?
    PepsiCo Admits Nearly Half Its Revenue Now Comes Fom Healthier FoodsA sign of the times: Low-cal drinks, Baked Lay’s, Quaker cereal bars, and Naked juices are more popular right now.
  8. the chain gang
    Taco Bell Will Unleash $1 Cheetos Burritos on Unsuspecting Nation Next MonthWhat took them so long?
  9. The Chain Gang
    Taco Bell’s First Cheetos Mash-Up Is the Height of LazinessIt’s stuffing them whole into a tiny Crunchwrap.
  10. Flavor Explosions
    Soon All Our Food Will Be Doritos Flavored, Whether We Like It or NotCheetos already basically are Doritos, but that doesn’t mean Frito-Lay will leave well enough alone.
  11. Much Ado About Dew
    Our Mountain Dew Fears Are All Coming TrueTwice the caffeine, none of the soda.
  12. Food Arts
    Here’s a Cheetos Portrait of Barack ObamaPresidential, and full of carbs.
  13. Video Feed
    Watch ‘Hot Cheetos and Takis,’ the Cutest Music Video Ever“My mom hit the ATM, ‘cause she know I need them.”
  14. Quote of the Day
    Heidi Klum Goes Cheetos-ChicAnd Michael Kors has Cheetos face.
  15. Snack Attack
    Doritos Versus Drugs: Literal War on Snack Food Erupts in MexicoExperts say it’s the first time a multinational company has been targeted in long-running drug wars.
  16. What to Eat
    Xiao Ye Goes ‘ABC Diner’ With Cheetos Fried ChickenAlso on the Fall twisted-comfort-food menu: a grilled-cheese sandwich with mozarella and gochujang, a fried-tofu-and-honey-ham-hock toasted mantou sandwich, and Scotch Bonnet Sloppy Joes.
  17. Health Concerns
    Grassroots Group Targets LAUSD’s Limp LunchesFood for Lunch asks the school system to cut the crap.
  18. Mediavore
    Gordon Ramsay Runs the Marathon; ‘Food Deserts’ Are Targeted for ChangeA celeb chef ran over 26 miles in under four hours while Jewish Groups try to lure better grocers to under-served L.A.