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  1. video feed
    Here’s Your Chance to Own Checkers — All of ItFor a cool $500 million, the entire burger chain could be yours.
  2. The Grub Street Diet
    Stephen Tanner Spends a Lot of Time at His Local Checkers“Yeah, man, it’s just Checkers all the way or deli cheeseburger, hot.”
  3. The Chain Gang
    Checkers Is Opening in GowanusFor your convenience, it’ll be attached to a Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts as well.
  4. The Chain Gang
    Brooklyn Has a Checkered FuturePlus, is Five Guys overhyped and mediocre?
  5. Chef Shuffles
    Chef Dave Baker Temporarily Takes the Helm at Checker’sThe chef will break out with a five-course dinner paired with cocktails by Guillaume Jubien.
  6. Chef Shuffle
    Chef Todd Allison Leaves Checkers for San Diego’s AnthologyThe chef, while extremely talented, was simply in the wrong place to attract diners.
  7. Neighborhood Watch
    Muertos Tacos To Live in Boyle Heights; BevMo Opening Three New City Stores ThisCook’s Tortas’ owner has a new concept and a super-sized liquor spreads out this weekend.
  8. Neighborhood Watch
    Laurent Quenioux Cooking at Le Saint Amour; SimonLA Celebrates Fete de laBistro LQ joins a chef exchange program and Sofitel goes Gallic, with the music to prove it.
  9. Mediavore
    Ruth Reichl Tweets With a Broken Foot; Robuchon and Jean-Georges Eye BeirutGourmet’s grande dame loves social networking while chefs at the top of their game look to new markets in the Middle East.
  10. Marketing Gimmicks
    Checkers and BLT Steak Dangle New Menus to Nab You After WorkTwo chefs kick off rush hour with more food.
  11. Foodievents
    PhotoTasting Shows You How to Shoot Your DinnerChecker’s will host a photography class with a full meal.
  12. Radio Craves
    Thomas Keller Rocks Your RadioThe Bouchon boss will discuss his early days as a chef.
  13. User’s Guide
    What’s New at dineLA Restaurant WeekA chance to try the city’s latest arrives again at a discount.
  14. Nightlife
    Speakeasy Craze Sweeps Up Young and Old AlikeWhile old bars rush to fit speakeasy culture into their scheme, new cocktail culture bars and parties are on their way.
  15. Menus
    What to Eat at Checkers’ Four TonightChecker’s has a new look, chef, and menu, and will give a peek tonight at Four.
  16. Openings
    Checkers Opens: Lowbrow Brilliant or Despicable?The burger chain is already drawing crowds to its Tribeca store.
  17. Openings
    Manhattan’s First Checkers May Open TomorrowThe Tribeca location will open imminently.
  18. Fast-food World
    Checkers Opening Soon in Brooklyn HeightsThe first franchise of its kind in Brooklyn.
  19. Burger Boom
    Checkers Coming to Brooklyn?Well, it’s not Sonic, but we may be getting another burger-hop chain.