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Check Please Bay Area

  1. TV Land
    Check, Please! Kicks Off Season 8 With Citizen Reviews of Farallon,No tense arguments this time, but a lot of good looking eats.
  2. TV Land
    Leslie Sbrocco Wishes Check, Please! Could Be Less Controlled, a Little’I’d LOVE to actually be my wild, opinionated self who shows a little more cleavage, drinks wine with the guests (maybe do the occasional shot of tequila), and generally be less controlled.’
  3. TV Land
    Check, Please! Rounds Out Season at Park Tavern, Roti Indian BistroWe thought it had barely begun, and the season comes to a close.
  4. TV Land
    Check Please! Slums It at the SoMa StrEat Food ParkIt was the kickoff of shooting of the show’s seventh season.
  5. Foodievents
    How Do We Love Leslie Sbrocco, Let Us Count the Ways’Check Please!’ is doing a show about street food, you guys.