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  1. Coming Soon
    Sayuri Tachibe Opening Osawa in PasadenaThe wife of Chaya executive chef, Shigeumi Tachibe, she plans a shabu shabu and sushi-focused menu.
  2. Leftovers
    First Public Fruit Park Opens in South Bay; Adam Horton Joins WhistIn other news, Ziggy Marley considers opening a local health food restaurant.
  3. Leftovers
    Corner Door Starts ‘From Cali Soil’ Menu; Berlin Currywurst Hollywood OpensKCET Walks Down the Other Kosher Corridor While Thinking About Susan Feniger’s Latkes.
  4. Airport Dining
    Westfield to Blow Up LAX With Hot Restaurants by 2014LAX International Airport to Become Best Airport Dining Option in America By 2014
  5. Leftovers
    Seoul Sausage Wins The Great Food Truck Race; $45 Tasting Menu EveryThe Korean sausage truck opens its brick and mortar this Saturday.
  6. Leftovers
    Church & State’s New Cocktails; Little Taiwan Gets Close-Up on EasyChing-He Huang’s latest episode finds her in Monterey Park.
  7. Celebrity Settings
    Carson Daly Shoots Show at Churchill; Kim Kardashian ‘Flour-Bombed’ atDaly’s episode at the new West Hollywood hot spot will air this Wednesday evening.
  8. Menus
    What to Eat at Chaya Venice’s Oyster FairOysters find their way onto everything from Angus tartare to a wagyu short rib pot pie.
  9. James Beard
    The Forgione Family Is Coming to Town ThursdayThe three Forgione men will cook alongside Chaya’s executive chef as part of the James Beard Celebrity Chef Tour.
  10. Neighborhood Watch
    Slaw Dogs Brings Rippers to the Valley; New Hipster Pizza in Little TokyoL.A. Craft Beer Crawl, Rosa Mexicano Ice Cream Social, L.A.’s first Mexican-Kosher restaurant, and more in the Neighborhood Watch.
  11. The Other Critics
    Bauer Thoroughly Dislikes La Terrasse; Unterman Enjoys Cha-Ya; Sens Kind of
  12. The Great Outdoors
    ’Tis The Season for Outdoor Drinkin’We double Huff Po’s suggestions for great outdoor drinking.
  13. Endangered
    Cha-Ya In the Mission Doomed?A sign had initially given a reopening date, but no more.
  14. The Other Critics
    Gaon Flavor-Bombs Gold’s Suburbs; Virbila Checks Out Chaya’s New ChefL.A. Weekly doubles down on Korean food, while L.A. Times approves of the work being done by Harutaka Kishi.
  15. New Year’s Eve
    Listing the Lists: Your New Year’s Eve PlannerListing the New Year’s Eve dining roundups.
  16. Gift Guide
    The Grub Street Gift Guide, Part 2: Expert PicksSam Calagione, Ruth Reichl, José Andrés, and more give us their holiday gift picks.
  17. Reopenings
    First Look at Chaya’s New MenusSushi with mole meets a steak and ale pot pie that appears to have wandered off of Waterloo & City’s menu.
  18. Reopenings
    Chaya Reopens On Monday with Green Tea Fettucini and Hamachi MoleNew chef Harutaka Kishi plans to showcase his European-Asian fusion on a new menu in a newly renovated space.
  19. Celebrity Settings
    David Arquette Rages at The Colony in Hollywood; Halle Berry Munches atThe actor gets a little loose on the dance floor and winds up in a compromising position.
  20. The Other Critics
    Virbila Deems First & Hope Vibrant; Gold Not Too Impressed by XoiaShelly Cooper keeps The L.A. Times entertained while Vietnamese-Mexican fusion fails to impress L.A. Weekly.
  21. Neighborhood Watch
    Ray Garcia Holds Cooking Demo in SaMo; Street Food Fest Relocating to Rose Bowl?FIG’s chef is demonstrating three dishes live at Snyder Diamond while organizers of a food event debacle promise to do a better job in a bigger space.
  22. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Chaya Venice Pops Up, Remodels, and Reworks MenuA temporary five-day lounge will end March.
  23. Showdowns
    High School Students Square Off Tomorrow in ‘Top Tuna Tartare Chef’Winners will see their recipe on Chaya’s menu and get a pro knife.
  24. Closings
    Yats, Tsar Nicoulai, Cha-Ya All Going DarkTwo restaurants are relocating and one is plain closing.
  25. Rumors
    Cha Ya Going South in the Sunset?Records show the vegan Japanese place is surrendering its liquor license.
  26. Openings
    Downtown To Lose and Gain Restaurant VeteransLazy Ox Canteen comes to Downtown as Pacific Grille makes an exit.
  27. Celebrity Settings
    Katy Perry Hires Oompah Loompahs at Sunset Beach; Brad Pitt Hits MadeoKAty Perry has a gala birthdya party wi5th a Willy WOnka theme at SUnset beach, and Brad Pitt hits Madeo before working.
  28. Benefits
    Chaya Adopts L.A.’s Future Chefs, Then Stuffs You for $25Chaya will benefit C-CAP and you this Sunday, with a massive assortment of food.
  29. Neighborhood Watch
    Rush Street Breakfasts Over Brats and Bloody Marys; L.A. Bento Opens in GlassellRush Street adds booze and brats to weekend mornings, and Bento opens for lunch in Northeast L.A.
  30. Menus
    What to Eat at Chaya Brasserie, Now Serving a New MenuChaya Brasserie celebrates a birthday with a new menu, design, and uniforms.
  31. Overheard
    It Might Take a Miracle…Neighbors skeptical of the new Cha Ya location’s chances.