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Chasing Choi

  1. Video Feeds
    Watch Roy Choi Tour Chinatown With The HundredsThe chef introduces the street wear brand to the “master of balls” and the almond cookies he grew up on.
  2. Reopenings
    Roy Choi’s Chego Reopens in New Chinatown HomeThe chef hints that he may bring in Pekin Duck, while also offering grass-fed burgers and freestyle remixes.
  3. Let’s Do Brunch
    Brunch Returns to Sunny Spot, Saturdays and Sundays in VeniceThe festival bread and bacalao brandade have been replaced by jerk chicken and bottomless Bloody Marys.
  4. Chasing Choi
    Roy Choi Releasing L.A. Son: My Life, My City, My Food in NovemberL.A. Son replaces the more incomprehensible title Spaghetti Junction: Riding Shotgun with an L.A. Chef.
  5. Marketing Gimmicks
    Roy Choi: The New Face of SPAM?Who’s to say it might not be for the benefit of L.A.’s common good?
  6. Rumors
    Is Chego Charging Into Chinatown?The move could offer the neighborhood’s comatose nights a much needed shot in the arm.
  7. Chasing Choi
    Chego Gets Gutted, Currently Serving From TruckChego Temporarily Offers Parking Lot Al Fresco Dining.
  8. Chasing Choi
    Roy Choi Lending a Hand to The Line HotelThe Koreatown property comes from the owners of New York’s The Nomad.
  9. Chasing Choi
    Roy Choi Changes Sunny Spot’s Menu, Makes A Grown Man CryThe chef talks dirty about his cooking.
  10. Quote of the Day
    Magic Mike’s Got Nada on Roy ChoiThe Kogi chef details the difficulties of telling his parents he was quitting law school.
  11. Chasing Choi
    Sam Sifton Waxes Poetic on Roy ChoiThe scribe calls the chef a poet, whose verses “taste of Los Angeles.”
  12. Menus
    A-Frame Introduces AYCE Fried Chicken, Starting July 14Roy Choi says he’s been perfecting a recipe from his days spent cooking in the South.
  13. Radio Craves
    Roy Choi Drops Science on KCRW’s Guest DJ ProjectThe chef plays five old school hip-hop classics for the station.
  14. Chasing Choi
    Roy Choi Considers Quitting Cooking, CarnivorismThe chef is sort of tripping out a little bit on his blog.
  15. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Roy Choi ‘Cooking Something New’ Every Day at Mike D-Driven Pop-Up,“I don’t know where you come from but in my world if Mike D steps to me, I listen” the chef explains.
  16. Chasing Choi
    Mike D Picks Roy Choi to Lead Pop-Up Restaurant at MOCAThe rap pioneer claims, “Roy truly amazes me with his ability to reinvent radically different cuisines.”
  17. Mediavore
    Celine Dion Now Owns Iconic Canadian Deli; FDA Mulls Ban on BPAThe singer is part of a group that purchased Schwartz’s Deli in Montreal.
  18. Mediavore
    Roy Choi Penning Bio for Bourdain; What Are L.A.’s Douchiest Bars?The book will detail the Kogi mastermind’s wild youth in L.A. through the founding of his Korean taco truck.
  19. Mediavore
    Roy Choi Cooking with Mark Peel at Tar Pit; Food Network Host Busted for RecipeThe Kogi chef clarifies, “we gonna wreck some shit…”
  20. Mediavore
    Junk Food at Home Makes Kids Fat; Kraft Cuts JobsYoung folks are more likely to binge at home than at school.
  21. Mediavore
    Cappuccino: It’s What’s for Breakfast; Millionaires Weaned From Food StampsEspresso should be sipped after a meal and not its creamy counterpart.
  22. Openings
    Roy Choi’s Sunny Spot Replaces Beechwood with Roadside Cooking, Open This FridayWith pronounced dashes of Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Cuba, Roy Choi could have the most thrilling islands-influenced menu L.A. has seen in years.
  23. Quote of the Day
    Why You Can’t Find a Kogi Brand GochujangThe chef does want to expand his other concepts eastward, though.
  24. Chasing Choi
    Beechwood is 100% Still Open and Serving Roy Choi’s New MenuYesterday’s news caused a panic among Beechwood fans, and nearly kept people from experiencing the chef’s hot Chinese mustard chicken wings.
  25. Chasing Choi
    Calling Roy Choi: Please Bring Venice a Worthy Jerk Chicken!The chef and Beechwood owner David Reiss ditch plans for Beechwood’s revival
  26. Chasing Choi
    Roy Choi Promises ‘Thick-Ass Burgers’ and Carnival Desserts atChego pastry chef Beth Kellerhals will help the chef explore frozen bananas, Ding Dongs, and other boardwalk fare.
  27. Chasing Choi
    Kogi Mastermind Involved in New Culver City ProjectRoy Choi could be taking over Cora’s with a new Korean concept.
  28. Health Concerns
    Is Kogi’s Spokesperson The Glenn Beck of Street Food?Not so silver-tongued spokesperson Alice Shin won’t “slap on a Nutritional Nazi straight jacket on our babies.”
  29. Chasing Choi
    Kogi Chef Caters ESPN World Cup Food Truck This Friday in HollywoodRoy Choi helped craft a menu of global street eats.
  30. Chasing Choi
    Roy Choi Recalls Kogi’s DebutKogi’s chef claims he was never trying to make a statement.
  31. Chasing Choi
    Roy Choi Takes a Toke BreakThe Kogi creator is a marijuana advocate and fan.
  32. The Other Critics
    Chego’s Got Soul, Sings Gold; The Lobster’s Overcooked Eats Underwhelm VirbilaRoy Choi’s creations obliterate Yoshinoya’s and a Santa Monica seafood tourist trap still sucks.
  33. Slideshow
    First Look at Kogi’s Chego! RestaurantRoy Choi’s first restaurant looks ready to start serving “One Chubby Pork Belly’ and “Rock Your Road.”
  34. Chasing Choi
    Kogi Names Restaurant ‘Chego,’ Plans to Reinvent Rice Bowls and Rocky RoadRoy Choi will open the new Kogi restaurant with a simple menu.
  35. Truckin’
    La Canada Boots Kogi BBQLacking city permits, the famous food truck’s first appearance is squashed by Sheriff’s deputies.
  36. Lists
    StarChefs Picks Which L.A. Chefs To Keep Your Eyes OnL.A.’s rising talent in the kitchen and behind the concepts are named.
  37. Chasing Choi
    Kogi’s Roy Choi Reveals New Restaurant Recipe IdeasRoy Choi predicts McDonalds prices for gourmet ingredients.