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  1. Food TV
    Padma, Trotter, and Hesser Dissect Food TV“Nobody who watches football expects to exercise more.”
  2. Beef
    There Will Be Bao
  3. Lists
    Chicago’s Best Restaurants Ever, Per ChicagoAlinea named the most influential Chicago restaurant in history.
  4. Foodievents
    What We’re All Missing at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine FestA legion of celebrity chefs descend on the resort town this weekend along with a bunch of wine makers and all those who could afford tickets.
  5. Closings
    The Charlie Trotter Empire Shrinks to OneHis Vegas and Mexico restaurants shutter, thanks to the recession.
  6. Mediavore
    Trotter Commands $10,000 for Dinner; Katie Lee Aims for the StarsPlus: The Chicago French Market picks up an award, and what whale meat tastes like, all in our morning news roundup.
  7. Love Lives
    Trotting to the AltarCharlie Trotter gets hitched.
  8. Oddities
    What, No Bay of Bayless?A sci-fi young-adult novel pays homage to Achatz, Trotter, and more
  9. Bocuse D’Or
    Jennifer Petrusky’s Birthday BocuseCharlie Trotter sous chef Jennifer Petrusky will be competing in the Bocuse D’Or. And it’s her birthday!
    Charlie Trotter Wants You to Be Ballsier“Too many people are chicken shit. Go do something for five years. You’re young. You can always play it safe later.”
  11. Chef Shuffle
    Charlie Trotter Hires Blind Chef Laura MartinezA sight-challenged Cordon Bleu student is offered a job by Trotter himself.
  12. Cookbooks
    Chefs and Their Cookbooks: A Love StoryCary Taylor lists his favorite cookbooks, and the cookbook relationships of his mentors.
  13. Lists
    Top DiamondChicago has more AAA five-diamond restaurants than any other city.
  14. Empire Building
    Charlie Trotter’s NYC Project To Open in 2011Charlie Trotter has set a date (and a price point) for his NYC outlet.
  15. Other Cities
    Second City Report: Achatz Pens Memoir, Radhika Plans RestaurantA sneak peek at Achatz’s life story. Feel Charlie Trotter’s rage!
  16. NewsFeed
    Chefs Congress Features Semi-Nude CooksWell, the catalog does anyway.
  17. Mediavore
    Charlie Trotter Details Emerge; Frank Bruni’s Cross-Country TripThe first details on Charlie Trotter’s still-unnamed restaurant on Madison Square Park emerge: It will have 80 seats as well as a bar and lounge. [NYT] Merkato 55 may be turning New Yorkers on to African cuisine, but there have been plenty of excellent, albeit under-the-radar, restaurants offering the continent’s cuisine for years. [TONY] Related: Merkato 55’s Most Popular Dish: Doro Wat The Modern’s new wine director, Belinda Chang, is the kind of sommelier we want to be someday: “I’m definitely obsessed with magnums. They’re so fun to pour!” [NYS]
  18. Back of the House
    Platt Sees Only Disaster and Peril for Out-of-Town Chefs With the recent news that the celebrated Charlie Trotter might be opening up an outpost here in New York, our thoughts turned to the whole phenomenon of out-of-town chefs and their usually disastrous forays to New York. We thought to contact our dour friend Adam Platt to see what kind of world-weary wisdom he might dispense on the subject. As expected, the big man had deep thoughts at the ready, and we transcribed our exchange for posterity, in case Charlie Trotter wants something to put on his refrigerator.
  19. Mediavore
    More Sex From Gael Greene; TKettle’s Veggie DumplingsGael Greene returns to her sexy-tables topic after an influx of reader mail: “Several romantics agreed with Francesco that ‘Jean Georges at lunch could not be more sexy.’” A reformed Madame Bovary concluded: “It was a lot of bang for the buck.” [Insatiable Critic] Even the Brits are buzzing over the prospect of Charlie Trotter opening a restaurant overlooking Madison Square Park. [Caterer Search, UK] Related: New York to Charlie Trotter: Bring It On! This hefty roundup of book recommendations for foodies includes such Grub-approved picks as the Food Snob’s Dictionary and My Last Supper (where you can see Wylie Dufesne lounging like Lady Godiva, but with cheese). [Zagat] Related: Meet the Original Food Snobs David Kamp Brings Aid to Would-Be Food Snobs Eating the Last Supper
  20. Back of the House
    New York to Charlie Trotter: Bring It On! So Charlie Trotter is coming to New York at long last. (Or so the New York Times says today, reporting that the celebrated Chicago chef has plans for a restaurant on East 22nd Street, at One Madison Park.) Our question is, what took him so long? Trotter has been considered one of the top chefs in America for years, but big names in second-rate food cities rarely make a big splash here. Paul Prudhomme, the pride of New Orleans, had only mixed success here, and in recent years Charles Ramseyer of Seattle (at Wild Salmon), and Fabio Trabocchi of Virginia (at Fiamma), both the toasts of their former towns, have received tepid responses here. (Tim Love, the pride of Texas, washed out completely with Lonesome Dove.)