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Charlie Trotter’s

  1. Bargain Basement
    Charlie Trotter’s Can Be Yours for the Low, Low Price of $3.8 MillionOne restaurant, one house, $1 million worth of restaurant equipment.
  2. Oeno-file
    Legendary Sommelier Larry Stone on Charlie Trotter’s Wine CollectionSommelier Larry Stone tells the history of Charlie Trotter’s cellar.
  3. Wine
    Trotter Wine Collection Goes To Christie’s; $1 Million+ EstimatedTrotter wine collection can be yours.
  4. Chefs
    Running With Chef’s Knives: Read Homaro Cantu’s Life Story on FacebookHomaro Cantu’s life story is spilling out on Facebook.
  5. The Other Critics
    Sula Notes Small Changes at Lao Yunnan; Campagna Rebuts Trenchermen RavesSula on Lao Yunnan, Pang on Cho Jung, Bernot on Bonsoiree, and Campagna rips on Trenchermen.
  6. Media
    Today is Charlie Trotter’s Last Day. How Did Mark Caro Define His Legacy?Looking at what the Tribune’s epic Trotter coverage tells us.
  7. Video Feed
    Video: Go Behind the Scenes of Charlie Trotter’s Gala Farewell, WithGet a backstage view of Charlie Trotter’s farewell gala in our nine-minute video.
  8. Chefs
    Video: Charlie Trotter Looks Back On His Beginning InspirationsCharlie Trotter looks back on his career in a video series.
  9. Travels with Charlie
    On His Way Out, Charlie Trotter Is More Entertaining Than EverGood eats and big yucks at Charlie’s. Seriously!
  10. Money
    City of Big Tabs: Chicago Leads In Expensive RestaurantsChicago has half of 10 most expensive restaurants, though Keller leads the list.
  11. The Other Critics
    Tribune Celebrates Charlie Trotter, Vettel Gives 4-Star ReviewThe Tribune lauds the Lincoln Park restaurant.
  12. Quote of the Day
    Have a ‘Better Time’ with Charlie TrotterCan you imagine any other chef saying those words?
  13. Foodievents
    Was Charlie Trotter’s Valentine’s Day Deal Desperate?Is Charlie Trotter having a hard time packing them in?
  14. Coming Soon
    Matthias Merges to Open Yakitori Inspired Joint in Logan SquareCharlie Trotter vet is heading for Logan Square.
  15. Lists
    AAA Loves ChicagoChicago gets a lot of love from AAA.
  16. Michelin
    Michelin Guide Released Early; Alinea and L2O Get Three StarsThe Chicago Michelin guide was released early.
  17. Lists
    Critics Predict Michelin WinnersCritics weigh in on who they think will get stars.
  18. Chef Shuffle
    Matthias Merges to Open “Humble” Restaurant After Trotter’sMatthias Merges is moving on.
  19. Chef Shuffle
    Matthias Merges Leaves Charlie Trotter’sCharlie Trotter’s loses its Chef de Cuisine.
  20. Interviews
    eVe in Berkeley Is ‘A Little Restaurant in the European Tradition’“Our cooking is slightly deconstructed and we do have some molecular gastronomy going on, but it’s not Frankenstein food. We do every thing we do for taste, not just for show.”
  21. Mediavore
    Cook County Jail Sells Vegetables; Pabst Brewing Sold to InvestorPlus: A New Orleans chef sues BP, Copenhagen’s dining scene expands, and India’s alcohol consumption goes way up.