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Charlie Rose

  1. Empire Building
    Momofuku Plans iPad App, Print Journal, and Possible ExpansionWill Momo Milk Bar expand across the street?
  2. Celebrity Settings
    Desirée Rogers Sucked Into Monkey Bar; Shakira Hits Michael’s YetPlus, more celebrity sightings from the past week.
  3. Top Chef
    Dinner With Toby Young: Proof That Top Chef Will Be in Vegas?The new season starts filming next month.
  4. NewsFeed
    David Chang Gets a Bit More Media Exposure on ‘Charlie Rose’Facing the truth about Ssäm.
  5. NewsFeed
    Thomas Keller Considers Own LegacyThomas Keller got high-minded on ‘Charlie Rose’ this week.
  6. User’s Guide
    Grub’s Gold: The Best From Year One Ah, how time gets away from us! It was only one year ago that Grub Street began. How we long for those innocent days of yore! We poked through our archives, and, while we had to put a few personal favorites aside, here’s our short list of Grub Street’s Greatest Hits.
  7. The Underground Gourmet
    Charlie Rose, Chicken Thief There are those who think the life of the Underground Gourmet is one endless, lavish feast, all swanky press dinners and unbidden “gifts from the chef.” Nothing could be further from the truth. We get the bad tables, the slipshod service, and the gristly cuts as often as our fellow diners. This past Monday night was a good example.