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Charles Bukowski

  1. Beer Me
    New Line of Charles Bukowski—Themed Beer Will Promote Boston LiteracyWhat took so long?
  2. Video Feed
    Dewar’s Taps Charles Bukowski Poem to Sell ScotchIf the writer whose words you’re pulling for your booze ad was a notorious alcoholic, don’t do it.
  3. Bars
    Fairmount’s Bukowski Bar Is Back on the Market AgainThe bar is where the author used to drink while living in Philly in the mid-forties.
  4. Video Feeds
    Watch a Flash Mob Spontaneously Act Out Bukowski Poems at Barney’s BeaneryThe writer could famously hold his liquor, but we have no idea whether these actors would make him puke or perk up.
  5. Bars
    Bukowski Haunt Goes Up For GrabsFor $1.2 million the bar where Charles Bukowski once held court could be yours.