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Chaac Mool

  1. Community Bored
    Dolores Park NIMBYs Block a Sausage VendorThe Sausage Slinger will NOT be coming near the park.
  2. Kerfuffles
    Chaac Mool Caves to Activist Pressure, Moves Out of Dolores Park ProperThe hipster-NIMBYs have won.
  3. Cartography
    Chaac Mool Launches in Dolores Park, But Caves to Pressure and Will Move to CurbLa Cocina has worked with Supervisor Scott Wiener on a compromise that would move their trailer to a curb cut-in within six months.
  4. Cartography
    Dolores Park Standoff Coming Next Weekend As La Cocina Sets Launch DateThere may or may not be a puke-in, but there will be tacos.
  5. Beef
    ‘Puke-In’ Planned This Weekend to Protest Charming Taco Stand inA few people don’t want to see city-approved concessions in the park, only pot cookies. And now they plan to puke about it.
  6. Cartography
    What to Eat at the Chaac Mool Preview at Proxy This WeekendIt’s the soft launch, Saturday to Tuesday, at Octavia and Linden.
  7. Cartography
    Chaac Mool Concession to Launch in Dolores Park Within a Month Or So, Protest orThe new La Cocina trailer is facing some opposition, just like Blue Bottle did.