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Cell Phones

  1. Please Hold
    This Restaurant Gives a Discount for Putting Your Cell Phone in a BoxIt’s the owner’s humanitarian response to “a decline in conversation among customers.”
  2. The Chain Gang
    Applebee’s Wants to Ban Phones on TuesdaysAnd still somehow install 100,00 tablets at tables.
  3. Phone-play
    ‘Down on All Petit Fours’And other dirty-foodie things to sext when you’re tipsy tonight.
  4. Eatiquette
    Do Cell Phones Belong on Dinner Tables?The debate rages on.
  5. Cameos
    New Phone Will Explain the West Village to YouAnd get you to Blue Ribbon Bakery.
  6. Rants
    What Do We Have to Do to Get a Phone Charger Around Here?Can we get all Andy Rooney on you for a second?
  7. Announcements
    Grub Street Now Available for Your Mobile PleasureTired of being tied down to your computer just to get a food-news fix? We feel your pain, and we’re here to be your happy enablers.