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  1. encounter
    Daniel Boulud Isn’t Done YetA very busy hour with New York City’s most overworked megachef.
  2. crumbling empires
    Jamie Oliver’s U.K. Restaurant Empire CollapsesIt could mean the loss of upwards of 1,000 jobs.
  3. legal troubles
    Jose Garces Restaurant Group Has Officially Been SoldAfter a rash of legal and financial problems, the Iron Chef’s restaurants have been bought out for $8 million in cash.
  4. lawsuits
    A New Lawsuit Aims to Oust Jose Garces From His RestaurantsThey want the struggling chef removed entirely from his first three Philly restaurants.
  5. Chefs and Critics Are Fed Up With Gordon Ramsay’s Cartoonish Bully ActIt’s time for the man who built his career on abuse to find a new shtick.
  6. What You Need to Know About the Controversy Surrounding Iron Chef Jose GarcesHe’s being sued for over $5 million, and his restaurants have started closing.
  7. The Pioneer Woman Is America’s 23rd-Largest LandownerHer family owns a plot of land half the size of Rhode Island.
  8. minimum wage
    Mario Batali Is Not a Fan of Raising the Minimum WageHe says it’s “not the fastest way of advancing a higher quality of life.”
  9. Rachael Ray’s Foundation Donated $1 Million to Help the Pets Displaced by HarveySeveral relief groups got $100,000 to continue rescuing animals in need.
  10. openings
    Inside Food Network Star Anne Burrell’s New York RestaurantShe’s partnered with the owner of Daddy-O’s, one of the restaurant industry’s favorite late-night hangouts.
  11. 2016 election
    Here Are Celebrity Chefs Coping Badly With News of Trump’s PresidencyPlease don’t leave for North Korea, David Chang.
  12. presidential eats
    Here’s Mario Batali’s Menu for the Obamas’ Final State DinnerSweet-potato agnolotti, beef braciola, and a green-apple crostata are on the menu.
  13. The Feeding Tube
    Robert Irvine to Host Dr. Phil–Style ShowGet ready for a full hour of him “dishing up tough-love advice and conflict resolution.”
  14. The Feeding Tube
    These Are the Best #GuyFieriMoviesTwitter users fantasize about a Dude, Where’s My Carbs? or Extremely Loud and Incredibly Gross.
  15. Famous Last Words
    David Chang Fully Embraces Celebrity Chefdom Through Budweiser-Sponsored BurgerWatch out, Guy Fieri.
  16. Missed Opportunities
    Jamie Oliver Almost Played a Hobbit in Peter Jackson’s MoviesAlas, he says he was too busy to make it work.
  17. Video Feed
    Watch Chris Cosentino’s Truly Excellent Talk on the Perils of the“‘You’ve got really good sound bites.’ I f–king hate that word.”
  18. Masterpiece Eater
    Nigella Lawson’s Ex-Husband Profits From This Art That Depicts Her Getting“Saatchi is strangling Nigella,” says one artist, “but it’s also about him squeezing the art market. It works on many levels.”
  19. Gossip
    Nigella Lawson’s Pals Blame Ex-Husband for U.S. Entry BanOne friend tells a British tabloid that Charles Saatchi is still out to get the celebrity chef.
  20. Nigella Lawson
    Cocaine Testimony Allegedly Landed Nigella Lawson on No-Fly List“She didn’t seem to say much, but she did not look happy.”
  21. The Fame Game
    How Dedicated Cooks Became the New Celebrity ChefsLike Ed Hardy clothes and songs featuring Ja Rule, the conventional idea of a celebrity chef feels desperately outdated. 
  22. Cold Hard Cash
    Paula Deen’s New Company Just Got $100 Million in FundingPaual Deen Ventures teams up with the same company that brings us SkyMall and the Phoenix Suns.
  23. Nigella Lawson
    Nigella Lawson Won’t Be Investigated for Drug UseNow it’s really time to move on.
  24. Nigella Lawson
    Nigella Lawson Admits to Dabbling in CocaineWe can all move on now, but it’s likely that won’t happen.
  25. Nigella Lawson
    Why Do People Think Nigella Lawson Hates Feminism?No matter how the newspapers have it.
  26. Celebrity Chefs
    Local Chef and Local Sandwich On National TV and Radio! With Viewing PartyLocal stuff on national TV and radio.
  27. Wizards of Oz
    Gordon Ramsay’s Aussie Restaurant WoesLuckily, David Chang is hiring in Sydney!
  28. Celebrity Chefs
    Broken English: Trouble Ahead for the Celeb Chef?What’s one pesky little eviction when you’re Todd English?
  29. Celebrity Chefs
    Chicago Chefs Take on Paris!What to eat in Paris when you are a celebrity chef.
  30. Celebrity Chefs
    New Endorsements for Humm, WhiteHumm shills cutlery and White hitches a ride with Mercedes-Benz.
  31. TV Land
    The Mentalist’s Next Episode Looks a Little Half-BakedThe CBS crime show is the latest to fall back on the celebrity-chef trope.
  32. Food for Thought
    Bourdain, Ripert, Izard, and Others Ask: ‘Where Are the Great FemaleThe question seems to be on everyone’s mind lately.
  33. TV Land
    The Next, Next Food Network StarsGather round, kid foodies and stage parents!
  34. TV Land
    Ramsay and Fieri Descend On L.A. For Live ShowsTwo of television’s loudest chefs are coming to L.A.
  35. Bookshelf
    Al Roker Is Latest to Make Up a Celebrity ChefThe weatherman’s new novel features a “celebrity chef, bon vivant, and restaurateur.”
  36. Trends
    Chang and Others Name the Decade’s Worst Food TrendsThe list ranges from the Awesome Blossom to molecular gastronomy.
  37. Casting Calls
    Celebrity Chef Seeks Hand DoubleCeleb chefs need stand-ins in the kitchen and on TV!
  38. Foodievents
    ‘Red Hot’ Friday Kicks Off Puck’s AWFF at New Club VoyeurChefs and foodies come together for vodka at West Hollywood’s new Voyeur.
  39. Mediavore
    Kobayashi Retakes Hamburger Title; Hillary Clinton Pledges $3.5 Billion to FeedPlus: London’s Le Caprice visits to check out the competition, and young coconuts all the rage, all in our morning news roundup.
  40. TV Land
    Celebrity Chefs Continue to Dash Your Hopes of Instant FameJohnny Iuzzini and Wolfgang Puck tell cooking-school pipsqueaks that it doesn’t happen overnight.
  41. Mediavore
    Champagne Sales Suffer; Holiday Food PoisoningPlus: Celebrity-chef absenteeism and more in our morning news roundup.
  42. Try It at Home
    Where to Get Your Celebrity-Chef Thanksgiving RecipesA new search engine showcases recipes from the likes of Daniel Boulud and Eric Ripert, just like our own recipe database has all along!
  43. Top Chef
    Diner’s Journal vs. Food Writer’s Diary: Is ‘Top Chef’Bret Thorn thinks it’s bad for foodies, but good for the contestants; Bruni thinks it’s the other way around.
  44. Celebrity Chefs
    Chang, Carmellini, and Simmons Talk Chefs, Fame, and the Future of DiningIn a panel discussion last night, David Chang talked about the Ko reservation system, open kitchens, and one of his dream projects.
  45. Beef
    ‘PX This’ Series Moves Forward Despite CBS’ Celeb-Chef SitcomA couple of ‘Daily Show’ correspondents have inked a deal for a celebrity-chef sitcom, and Abbe Diaz thinks it’s a coincidence that it resembles her upcoming Web show.
  46. AC
    Andrew Carmellini Won’t Serve White Truffles at His Next RestaurantThe former A Voce and Café Boulud toque talks about celebrity chefs as he gets ready to open his own place.
  47. El Gordo
    Gordon the GreatTwo ‘GQ’ writers examine Gordon Ramsay as a lovable celeb and a not-so-lovable chef.
  48. Celebrity Chefs
    What Anne Burrell Will Do Next (in TV Land, Anyway)The schedule for the upcoming season of ‘Cooking With A Restaurant Chef.’
  49. Whole Lotta Giada
    Giada De Laurentiis: ‘I’m Not Doing Porn’The celeb chef insists that she’s not using any womanly charms. Except for when she is.
  50. Foodievent
    Get Cheap Lunch at the ‘Bon App’ Supper ClubCooking demos and high-end cheap eats in midtown.
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