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Cee Lo Green

  1. Celebrity Settings
    Taylor Swift Soothes Selena’s Heart at Osteria La Buca; Justin Bieber RekindlesThe week resembled Odysseus and Penelope, only with more chain teppanyaki.
  2. Crime Scenes
    Cee-Lo Accused of Slipping Assault Victim Ecstasy at Downtown Sushi RestaurantRumors fly that the singer has been caught on tape apologizing and referencing the drug.
  3. Crime Scenes
    Downtown Restaurant Investigated in Cee-Lo Green Assault AccusationsLAPD won’t release the new of the place, but the singer denies being there for several months.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Margrit Mondavi Charms at WP at Bel-Air; Halle Berry Hits Osteria DragoThe woman who helped put Napa on the map teaches us an important lesson about eye-contact.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    The Foo Fighters Join Paul McCartney, Johhny Depp, and The Boss at Fig & Olive;The Grammy’s certainly sucked, but the star-packed after-party on Melrose sounds like awesome stuff.
  6. Celebrity Settings
    Jimmy Cliff Eats at SLS Hotel; Fred Savage Enjoys Mahon at Pal CabronGrammy’s week brought Justin TImberlake, Cee-Lo Green, and Miranda Lambert out to eat in L.A.