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  1. Reopenings
    CB3 Cautiously Gives Go-ahead to Nevada Smith’s ExpansionAre you ready for some (non-American) football?
  2. Nightlife
    Is the East Village Ready for a Dedicated ‘Nightlife District’?The short answer: probably not.
  3. Community Boards
    Nostalgia As Policy in Lower East ManhattanCan CB3 save the small bars and keep the big ones out of our backyards?
  4. Community Boards
    Paulaner’s Bowery Brewhouse Plans Sail Through CB3The German brewer’s flagship beer hall clears another hurdle.
  5. Community Boards
    CB3 Pops Japadog’s Champagne DreamsThe quirky hot-dog shop will remain dry.
  6. Community Boards
    CB3 Still Not Down With Superdive Makeover PlansAttempts to turn the space into an art gallery are not going well.
  7. Score
    Los Feliz Gains More Bar Space, Less DramaUnderage bust was just a glitch.
  8. Foot in Mouth
    Note to Liquor-License Seekers: Probably Not a Good Idea to Call Community BoardThe owner of B.A.D. Burger’s words come back to haunt him.
  9. Community Boards
    Death & Co. Has Uncharacteristically Pleasant CB3 ExperienceThe board’s SLA committee approves the bar’s plans to extend its hours.
  10. Community Boards
    CB3 Okays Basketball Bar for Pier 36Booze will flow at the East River location of Basketball City.
  11. Community Boards
    Flaming Hula-Hoop Accusations Ignite Teneleven Liquor License DisputeAn owner calls the Hula-Hoop story a lie, but does admit to some wrongdoing.
  12. Community Boards
    CB3 Strikes a Sour Note With U2 Karaoke Expansion PlansThe karaoke bar had planned to expand its offerings, but the community board has other ideas.
  13. Community Boards
    CB3 Squashes Plans for Former Mo Pitkin’s SpacePiney Woods won’t grow in the East Village.
  14. Reopenings
    Mason Dixon Reopens Tonight on Reduced Schedule; Matt Levine Still Wants theThe LES bar will only be open Fridays and Saturdays, owing to the cost of additional security.
  15. Openings
    General Greene’s Nick Morgenstern Takes Butcher Bay SpacePlus more from last night’s Community Board 3 meeting.
  16. Mediavore
    Falai May Get Full Booze; Gino Is Finally Taking Credit CardsPlus: staying sober in the hospitality industry, and the fast-casual price wars, all in our morning news roundup.
  17. Community Boards
    Huynh and Hartman Get Board’s BlessingPlus, more from last night’s Community Board 3 licensing meeting.
  18. Community Boards
    Business As Usual: Former and Current Mo Pitkins Inhabitants Meet Wrath of theA recap of last night’s Community Board 3 licensing-committee meeting.
  19. Booze News
    Jewish? You Wish!A Jewish fusion restaurant will face opposition at tonight’s CB3 meeting.
  20. CB Wars
    UCB in at Two Boots, Panya Bakery Space DoublesAlso: R.I.P. to Kuma Inn’s BYO policy?
  21. Community Boards
    Le Souk Still Fighting for Liquor; Bowery Veselka Greenlighted by CB3Plus, a mescal-infused cultural institution and a new location of Antibes Bistro, in our report from last night’s Community Board meeting.
  22. Community Boards
    CB3 Gives Upper East Side Saloon the Nod for Mo Pitkin’s SpaceAnd Cru’s Shea Gallante may not be going for the Sea Salt space after all?
  23. CB3
    Have a Drink at MercaditoThe liquor license is good, for now.
  24. CB Report
    The Box Gets a Break, But Not MercaditoCB3 votes on Seymour Burton, Mercury Dime, and Dixon Place.