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  1. video feed
    Pizza Hut Japan Is Bringing Back Its Store Run Entirely by CatsMaybe they’ve learned managerial skills since their last attempt?
  2. Sad Stuff
    Landlord Shutters Candy Shop With the Owner’s Cat Still InsideAnd now poor Sheshe has been locked in Jimmy’s Candy Store for over a month.
  3. Video Feed
    This Guacamole-Eating Cat Is Here to Challenge That Corn-Eating DogThe story of a cat named Cow.
  4. The Rescuers
    Volunteers Rescue 1,000 Restaurant-Bound Cats From Delivery Truck in ChinaThe cats were going to be sold to butchers and restaurants for about $2.
  5. Feed the Animals
    Beef Up Your Pet’s Diet With Vegan TreatsRaw-tailer One Lucky Duck has launched a pets department.
  6. Lawsuits
    Catfight at McSorley’s!Involving an actual cat.
  7. Other Cities
    Bow WOW: China May Finally Ban Dog and Cat MeatPlus, a bizarre restaurant extortion attempt involving a dead rat.
  8. Funnies
    Because Sometimes Twitter Isn’t EnoughA monster cat checks out the goods at a Chinatown fish stall.
  9. Foodievents
    That’s Dr. Chocolate to YouTravel the chocolate trade route through a lecture and tasting.