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  1. news you can booze
    Fudgie the Whale Beer Is Real and Maybe There’s Still Hope for America After AllCarvel has teamed up with New York’s Captain Lawrence Brewing for a Father’s Day special.
  2. The Chain Gang
    Carvel and Cinnabon Will Start Delivering Food Next WeekNow you can be lazy about getting your sugar rush.
  3. Marketing Gimmicks
    It’s Free Cone Day at Carvel, and OMG They’re Giving Away NutellaHow to get gratis ice cream at Carvel this afternoon.
  4. Totally Hazelnuts
    Carvel Introduces an Awesome-Sounding Nutella MilkshakePlus: Nutella ice creams are back.
  5. Leftovers
    Carvel’s 80-Cent Cone Celebration; Ridley Scott Plans a Marco Pierre WhiteToday’s Leftovers.
  6. Hazelnuts
    Carvel Debuts Nutella Ice-Cream Scoops and Soft-Serve on MondayIt’ll be layered into chocolate ice cream and sundaes, as well as its own soft-serve.
  7. Brain Freeze
    Girl Scout Cookie Season May Be Over, But World Domination LoomsIt’s been a banner year for Tagalongs and Thin Mints in particular.
  8. Neighborhood Watch
    Common Ground Reopens; Carvel Makes a ComebackPlus a Haitian lounge in Roslindale and more, all in our weekly neighborhood update.
  9. Mediavore
    End of the Line for the First Carvel; The Blue Seats Opening DelayedThe original Carvel store in Westchester is giving up the ghost and will be demolished next summer. [NYP] Mega sports bar the Blue Seats isn’t open yet, and the reason has something to do with one of their 8,000 TVs being stolen. [TONY] Related: Seriously Bromantic Restaurant Ready for Its Close-up Tom Colicchio takes the “last meal” quiz very seriously, designing a world tour that would include lasagne at the Fat Duck, lamb’s brain in Florence, and dessert at the North Fork Table & Inn. [Eat for Victory/VV]
  10. Mediavore
    Tom Carvel’s Mysterious Death; Tom Valenti’s Awesome Uptown DigsThe old technique of force-feeding geese with a metal tube was the evil secret behind foie gras. Now there’s a new, gentler method: force-feeding them with a rubber tube. [NYT] Tom Carvel’s niece is convinced that her uncle, the late custard king, was murdered, and she wants his body exhumed. [The Journal News] Ouest chef Tom Valenti shows his museumlike 157th Street apartment to the world. [NYP]
  11. Back of the House
    Sbarro Disappears Into the Corporate MawGiven how generic and fast food–y Sbarro is, news that the Long Island–based chain was just bought by a private-equity firm probably isn’t breaking too many hearts. But believe it or not, the Sbarro family has owned and operated the business for the last 50 years; it now joins Nathan’s, Blimpie’s, Carvel, and a growing number of other New York–area businesses run as franchise “brands” from a central office. At this rate, we could be seeing Carnegie Delis and Momofukus in food courts across the country. Or perhaps we’re just lapsing into fantasy again. MidOcean Partners Announces Agreement to Acquire Sbarro, Inc. [New York dBusiness News]