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Caroline Fidanza

  1. sandwich life
    The New Marlow & Daughters Sandwiches Are Like Saltie Meets an Italian DeliA sandwich artist makes an exciting return to Williamsburg.
  2. the grub street diet
    Chef Caroline Fidanza Won’t Give Up on Italian Cookies“I love Italian cookies, which are almost always disappointing. The fact that they are disappointing is even part of what I love about them.”
  3. comebacks
    Saltie’s Caroline Fidanza Has Rejoined Andrew Tarlow’s Restaurant GroupLook for her “Big Italian” sandwich at Roman’s new brunch.
  4. closings
    In Loving Memory of Saltie, a Sandwich Shop That Never Got StaleLong past the point where other operators might have started phoning it in, Saltie maintained a consistent level of quality and continued to innovate.
  5. empire building
    The Hidden Risks of Writing a CookbookThe cookbook business has a reputation for being strong and lucrative — a smart career move for any chef. The reality burns.
  6. Underground Gourmet Review
    Review: Pop-Ups Lakh Lakh and Mr. CurryThey’re low-key love letters of sorts to their creators’ heritages.
  7. Pop-Ups
    Saltie Stays Open Late to Morph Into Mr. CurryChips and curry sauce, naan, and rice and pickle are on the menu.
  8. Bad Signs
    Why Did NYC Fine Saltie for This Totally Normal Sign?“You are only allowed to use 18” of space extending from your storefront. Any sandwich boards or planters beyond that are illegal.”
  9. Closings
    Caroline Fidanza’s Little Chef Closes at Gotham West MarketThe Scuttlebutts have been scuttled.
  10. Quote of the Day
    Caroline Fidanza Is Happy People Aren’t So Bacon-Crazy AnymoreAnd that everyone’s a bit less weird about pork in general.
  11. Wham Bam Thank You Naan
    What to Eat at Gotham West Market, Now Serving Top-Notch Ramen, KillerSeriously.
  12. In Season
    In Season: Saltie Chef Caroline Fidanza’s Cauliflower, Leek, andCauliflower comes into its own in the fall, when the Greenmarket overflows with orange, purple, and snowy-white varieties.
  13. The Food Chain
    Saltie Co-Owner Caroline Fidanza Loves the ‘Extraordinary’“It tasted like the forest and the ocean.”
  14. The Food Chain
    La Superior’s Felipe Mendez Thinks the Scuttlebutt at Saltie Is“I have two restaurants and I go there all the time, so that says something.”
  15. Thanksgiving
    Chefs Fail at Thanksgiving, TooLocal chefs regale us with tales of Thanksgiving meals gone bad, and how they won’t make the same mistakes this year.
  16. Foodievents
    Tom Mylan’s Wedding Was the Most Hipstavore Thing EverThe guest list and menu read like a who’s who of Brooklyn cuisine.
  17. Foodievents
    To-Do: Gabrielle Hamilton Reading, Pie Social, Singles ‘Meat’-Up,Plus, a locavore festival and a pizza-and-beer pairing, in our roundup of upcoming food events.
  18. Foodievents
    What to Buy at the New Amsterdam Market, Opening This WeekendOlive-oil pastries, fresh tortillas, and barley-honey lollipops!
  19. Closings
    Bonita Closes, But Former Chef Opens New One (Plus: Pies ‘n’ ThighsThe latest news from Williamsburg.
  20. Openings
    Tom Mylan Shows Off His Rabbit SausageThe butcher with a cult following offers a glimpse into Marlow & Daughters.