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  1. Carnivores
    Chicago’s Publican Quality Meats Has Best Possible Response to PETA“We waste Nothing. That’s how we honor the animal.”
  2. Confessions
    Losing Your Veginity: Ex-Vegetarians on the Moment They Re-embraced Meat“It was like my blood was singing.”
  3. PSAs
    PETA Blames Carnivores for Oil Mess“MEAT ON YOUR GRILL = OIL SPILL.”
  4. Freebies
    Veggie Grill Wants Your Virgins…To FeedA healthy chain seeks new recruits.
  5. Rants
    Critic Calls for Ban of ‘Pale, Tedious’ VegetariansAnd compares them to Hitler! Going a tad far, are we?