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  1. Carnivoracious
    Enough With the Speedy Burger-Eating!Someone else beat Wiener & Still Champ’s Triple Undisputed record. Yawn.
  2. Carnivoracious
    Spicy Chorizo Macarons: A Cookie’s Leap to SavoryBlackbird chef Mike Sheerin makes a spicy chorizo macaron.
  3. Carnivoracious
    Wiener & Still Champ’s 911 Burger Consumed Ever FasterQumar Zaman beats the standing burger-eating record by ten minutes.
  4. Carnivoracious
    Wiener & Still Champ’s Megaburger World Record: ShatteredIt took someone just 38 minutes to eat the seven-inch tower of meat.
  5. Foodievents
    Mado’s Rob Levitt Will Teach You How to Butcher a PigAn in-house pig butchering class, with a goody bag of fresh-cut pork.
  6. Carnivoracious
    Why Not Try Sunda’s Sausage-Studded Chocolate Pudding?Chinese pork sausage for dessert? Rodelio Aglibot says “go for it.”
  7. Carnivoracious
    Jennifer Olvera Meets her Meat, Eats it as a BurgerA Sun-Times reporter picks out a cow, but might not have really followed through.
  8. Carnivoracious
    Eating Wiener & Still Champion’s 911 Burger is Like Playing JengaIt’s three pounds, seven inches tall, and takes all afternoon.
  9. Carnivoracious
    Mado’s Mutton: The AftermathMado’s in-house lamb butchering turns into a multicourse feast.