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  1. The Chain Gang
    Signs Indicate Chipotle Mania Might Finally Be Dying DownAnalysts predict stock prices could fall by 20 percent this quarter.
  2. Shortages
    Chipotle Says Its Pork Shortage Will Continue — and Its Beef Prices WillThe company admits multiple meat crises are hurting sales.
  3. Shortages
    Chipotle Breaks the News That Carnitas Won’t Return Anytime Soon“We don’t know for sure when we’ll be fully supplied again.”
  4. The Chain Gang
    Chipotle Nixes Pork From Hundreds of Restaurants After Finding ‘SupplierThe company has been suspended.
  5. Mittens13 Password Leave
    Chipotle Admits to Staging Bizarro Twitter ‘Hack’“Mittens13 password leave” was just the chain’s way of saying it loves its customers.
  6. Taco Town
    Carnitas To Please Us at Tacos Los GuichosSorry, no pig uterus makes the cut in these authentic Mexico City-style pork tacos.
  7. The Other Critics
    Virbila Lured to Cube by Market-Driven Tweets; Gold Reconquers Cacao’s CarnitasL.A. Times is charmed by the rustic approach of the Italian cheese and wine restaurant, while L.A. Weekly loves the “shotgun wedding” of Mexican and European cooking.