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Caracas Arepa Bar

  1. controversies
    Inside the Food Feud at Rockaway BeachThe boardwalk could look quite different this summer.
  2. Fire Forces Caracas Arepa Bar to Close East Village Restaurant IndefinitelyAn owner says there’s no timetable for a return, but a nearby takeout annex remains open.
  3. Leftovers
    Taco Night at Empellón; Taste of 7th Street Tickets AvailablePlus, it’s almost Japan week, and more in today’s leftovers.
  4. Policy Change
    DBYOB at CaracasThe arepas bar has changed its policy on letting patrons bring their own.
  5. Mediavore
    Caracas Arepas Bar Expands; Alcoholic Recession SpecialsPlus: Tom Colicchio joins the lawsuit club, and the saddest restaurant closings of 2008, all in our morning news roundup.
  6. The New York Diet
    Comedian Aziz Ansari Won’t Stand for Gourmet Chicken and Waffles Since being named Rolling Stone’s “hot stand-up,” Aziz Ansari has risen to still more prominence as — quite memorably — the racist fruit vendor on Flight of the Conchords and a star of MTV’s Human Giant (now filming its second season). One of the latter show’s memorable skits has Aziz taking a blood oath with his co-stars Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel to visit the fictional BBQ joint KC Rib Tickler’s (having grown up in South Carolina, Aziz is indeed a barbecue fan). Though they have yet to actually shed blood over it in reality, Aziz and his co-stars are passionate about checking out newly opened spots (using Adam Platt’s reviews as a pointer, we’re happy to hear!). We asked him where he’s been this week.