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Capsouto Freres

  1. Temporary Closings
    Tribeca Restaurant Ponte’s Closes, May RelocateThe Debrosses Street restaurant’s building was damaged during Hurricane Sandy.
  2. Chef PSA
    Ex-Balthazar Chef Riad Nasr Plans ‘Little Break’ From CookingHe’s been working nonstop for twenty years.
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    Hot Clay Oven Opens in Financial District; Capsouto Frères Adds CherryPlus: The Burger Garage opens, and a new organic outlook at Bon Vivant, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  4. Ask a Waiter
    Eric Deljanin’s Customers Put Away a Lot of Soufflés at Capsouto‘You can see a lot of change since September 11.’
  5. User’s Guide
    Seder Gets Spicy!Happening as they do at Uncle Marty’s and in church basements, Seder meals aren’t usually known for being very tasty. But if you’re not worried about the meal being kosher — we won’t say anything to Marty — you can go out and have an Italian, Mexican, or even Indian Passover celebration. Here’s where to go.