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  1. Interviews
    Canteen Chef Dennis Leary Explains Why There Are So Many Books In His Restaurant’I think I’m part of a dying species.’
  2. Actually Pretty Awesome
    Actually Pretty Awesome: Dungeness Crab Soup at CanteenWhoa is it good.
  3. Empire Building
    Canteen’s Dennis Leary to Open New Downtown Restaurant, Tenderloin Bar;At Canteen, he’s now doing weekly menus based on a 1971 French cookbook by Robert Courtine.
  4. Brunch
    Canteen Cancels Brunch, For GoodTry Bar Agricole or Schmidt’s instead.
  5. Neighborhood Watch
    Gold Dust Lounge Owners to Stage Press Conference; Pickle-Backs at Dear Mom,;
  6. Where to Eat
    Where to Eat in S.F.’s Theater District, Such As It IsOur roundup of where not to feel ripped off near and around Union Square.
  7. NewsFeed
    Raw-Food Guru Matthew Kenney Tries His Luck in OrlandoWhere do you go when you’ve become the black sheep of the New York restaurant community?