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Cannes Film Festival 2009

  1. NewsFeed
    How to Frivolously Spend the Government’s MoneyMetromix suggests we blow our tax rebates in one fell swoop on an extravagantly priced meal.
  2. NewsFeed
    David Chang Muses on Vegas, Austin, and the Culinary World in GeneralDavid Chang discusses nearly every conceivable food-related subject in a series of video interviews at Big Think.
  3. Mediavore
    The $175 Kobe Burger; Black Truffles in TroubleJunk-food-eating monkeys, why raw vegetables are not always best for you, inflation in food prices, and more, in our morning roundup of news and gossip.
  4. NewsFeed
    Food Sculpture Goes From Cute to CreepyAn orange carries itself to its death, and other eerie images appear in a weird food-sculpture gallery.