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  1. L.A. Diet
    Ok Go Cheat on Their Paleolithic Diet With Captain Crunch and Pizza“I came home and fell into the deepest, darkest carb hole, slept, and woke up in a pool of drool. I crashed so hard.”
  2. Foodies With Benefits
    Who Will Be at Taste of The Eastside, May 6 at Barnsdall Art ParkThe event will gather top tastes from Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Highland Park, Atwater Village, Echo Park, and points between.
  3. Lists
    Predict All You Want, L.A. Chefs Are Already Ahead of the CurveSetting the trends before they’re trends.
  4. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Who’s Cooking Next at Canele’s Guest Series?Angeleno’s restaurant critic and frequent Grub Street L.A. guest-star, Lesley Balla, is prepping a menu based on her hometown memories.
  5. Neighborhood Watch
    Andre Guerrero Wins Beer Float Showdown; The Jolly Oyster Opens in VenturaThe chef scores with a bourbon chocolate float with pig candy and Eagle Rock’s Solidarity brew.
  6. L.A. Diet
    Actor Andre Royo Is the ‘Tupac’ of Twizzlers, Only Drinks Coke“I had a little Jameson and she had some red wine, and we got in a serious West Coast–East Coast debate: Red Vines vs. Twizzler. She was Biggie, I was Tupac.”
  7. The Other Critics
    Gold Gets Flashbacks From Fries at Daglas And Trumpets The Six BurgerPlus, where to catch S. Irene Virbila over lunch.
  8. Openings
    Salt’s Cure Opens Saturday For BrunchExpectations are high for this combination butcher and restaurant from two Hungry Cat vets.
  9. Mediavore
    Lohan Laps Up Jell-O in Jail; Snack Food Chases Chelsea’s WeddingRumors fly about an incarcerated actresses’ diet, while Chelsea Clinton busts out the junk in the wee hours.
  10. The Food Chain
    Canele Chef Aliza Miner Would Go Out of Her Way for Marlow & Sons’ Brick“There’s a sense of pride that accompanies knowing you, as a cook, are hopefully knocking someone’s socks off with a piece of chicken.”
  11. The Food Chain
    Brian Huston Craves Canele’s Fried Chicken Sandwich“There’s nothing too precious or peculiar about it. It’s just good.”
  12. Mediavore
    Marcel Vigneron Gets a New Show; Adam Dell Seeks Time with Padma’s BabyTop Chef alumni Marcel and Padma are back in the news.
  13. Corina Corina
    Who Inspires Canele’s Corina Weibel?The former commodities trader discusses her biggest influence as a chef.
  14. Rumors
    There Will Be Burgers By Nancy SilvertonA disputed rumor about Nancy Silverton’s new project turns out to be true.
  15. Menus
    What To Eat From Eat.Sip.Chew’s Special Menu at Canele, Tuesday NightCanele brings along a blogger friend to cook in their kitchen.
  16. Freebies
    BlackboardEats.com Upgrades Discount DiningA new website comes from Venice to make discount dining more appealing.
  17. Foodievents
    Nancy Silverton and Amy Pressman Debut New Burger Restaurant Plans at CaneleA new burger restaurant could be on its way from Nancy Silverton and Amy Pressman.
  18. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Ilan Hall Cooks at Canele TonightSneak peek of Ilan Hall’s menu at Atwater Restaurant