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  1. field trips
    I Went to the Insane New Sour Patch Kids Store That Has No Reason to ExistSweeeeeeet.
  2. candy
    The Inventor of Jelly Belly Is Making CBD Jelly BeansDavid Klein gave up his stake in Jelly Belly in 1980, but he’s back with a very 2019 take on the candy.
  3. wine pairing of the week
    Why You Should Drink Good Wine With Bad Halloween CandyFinally, a reason to eat those Circus Peanuts and Mary Janes.
  4. candy
    Necco Wafers and Sweetheart Candies Aren’t Dead After AllEveryone’s favorite chalky candies will live to see another day.
  5. wine pairing of the week
    How to Pair Wine With Gummy BearsFine candy demands a fine wine.
  6. candy hearts
    America’s Worst Candy Has Been Saved From ExtinctionNecco — and its strange, unappealing little candy wafers — will live on, thanks to a new owner.
  7. bad ideas
    Government to E-Cig Companies: Stop Making Vapes That Look Like Junk FoodIt’s the end of the line for Candy King Sour Worms and Vape Heads Sour Smurf Sauce.
  8. shortages
    People Have Begun Panic-Buying Necco WafersDiehards are coming out of the woodwork to stockpile them, now that they’re in danger.
  9. sweet sorrow
    Is This the End of Candy Hearts?Necco, one of America’s oldest confectioners, will close operations unless it finds a buyer.
  10. mergers and acquisitions
    Nutella Maker Reportedly Snags Deal to Buy Nestlé’s U.S. Candy BusinessItaly’s Ferrero is set to get Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, and SweeTarts for a cool $2.8 billion.
  11. climate change
    World’s Largest Candy Maker Commits $1 Billion to Fight Climate ChangeIt says, “We’re trying to go all in here.”
  12. candy
    Rest of World Simply Cannot Get Enough of Japan’s Kit Kats“We have Kit Kat back in Germany, but it’s not the same.”
  13. en fuego
    Get Ready for Spicy Starburst and SkittlesTwo more popular products fall victim to the heat trend.
  14. Let a Marketing Expert Explain the Enchanting Science Behind Red CandyVIDEO: Color makes you do stuff.
  15. not so sweet
    Oh, Great, So Now We Have to Protest Candy?The industry’s lobby is conveniently doing “a lot of business” at Trump hotels.
  16. candy
    Starburst Gives the World What It’s Been Asking for With ‘All Pink’ PacksSounds like the company feared a popular revolt if it didn’t act.
  17. stunt foods
    Nestlé Is Making Kit Kat ‘Sushi’ Bars in JapanTwo of life’s biggest cravings finally available as one.
  18. sugarcoating
    Nestlé Claims to Have Invented Magical SugarIt’s a version that’s sweeter in smaller amounts, purportedly requiring 40 percent less to make candy bars taste the same.
  19. controversies
    As If We Don’t Have Enough to Worry About Today, Toblerone Messed With Its CandyHotel minibars will never be the same.
  20. grub guides
    19 Amazing All-American Candies You Should Be Buying for HalloweenFancy hard candy, bourbon caramels coated in top-tier chocolate, new-school gummy worms, and more.
  21. peep show
    Workers Announce Strike That Could Cripple Next Easter’s Peeps SupplyThey’re negotiating higher pay.
  22. There’s a 14,000-Person Wait List for These Rosé-Infused Gummy BearsAnd they won’t even get you drunk.
  23. Surprise!
    Kid Scores Bag of Crystal Meth As His Kinder Egg SurpriseThis definitely wasn’t the Breaking Bad–themed edition.
  24. Watching a Machine From the 1800s Make Candy Is a Surprisingly Satisfying Way toIt’s all very steampunk.
  25. Health Trends
    Misguided Maker of Skittles and M&Ms Swears Off Artificial DyeWhat would Willy Wonka think?
  26. Candy
    Japan Gives the World Sake-Flavored Kit KatsWill someone please bring some back for Grub next time they’re in Tokyo?
  27. Chocolate Wars
    Candy-Loving Judge Rules Kit Kats’ Shape Can’t Be TrademarkedAnd now other companies are free to make similar bars.
  28. Recalls
    Dove Recalled 6,700 Bags of Chocolate ‘Snowflakes’The company had to pull the chocolate because of wheat, nut, and egg allergy concerns.
  29. Grub Guides
    17 Next-Level Candies for the Discerning Trick-or-TreaterFancy takes on classic candy bars, goat’s milk caramels, better malted milk balls, and more.
  30. Food Scares
    2,000 People Got Sick After Eating ‘Poisoned’ Candy in theAuthorities say the question is now whether this was “intentional” or “mishandling.”
  31. Legends
    The Man Who Gave New York Its Greatest Candy Store Has Passed AwayMorris “Moishe” Cohen founded Economy Candy in 1937.
  32. The Good Stuff
    The Oddly Herbal, Wonderfully Bitter Appeal of Black Licorice’New York’ restaurant critic on the most-maligned candy around.
  33. The Keeper
    50 Candies to Eat Now, From Goat’s-Milk Caramels to Palm-Sized Gummy RatsWe assess New York’s candy sphere, from Coney Island rock-candy institutions to forthcoming Barclays Center lollipop emporiums.
  34. Tie-Ins
    Get Ready for Actual Schweddy Balls CandyThe Vogelchecks, Stefon, and the rest of the gang get themed candy for the show’s 40th anniversary.
  35. Tax Dollars
    New Jersey Is This Close to Making Saltwater Taffy the Official State“My favorite flavor is banana and chocolate,” Assembly Member Valerie Vainieri Huttle told a group of students bearing taffy samples.
  36. Teatime
    Oprah Gets Her Own Starbucks Tea BlendIt launches on April 29.
  37. Gimme a Break
    Yeah, a Cake Made of Kit Kats Looks Pretty Much Just Like We Imagined It WouldIt’s a little more colorful than we expected, though.
  38. Yikes
    Haribo Stops Selling Blackface LicoriceThe “Skipper Mix” is no longer on sale.
  39. Video Feed
    Watch Gordon Ramsay Tell Some Adorable Christmas JokesWhy did the ketchup blush? Because he saw the salad dressing.
  40. Celebrity Settings
    Katy Perry and John Mayer Order ABC Kitchen’s Truffle Pizza; Kim and KanyePlus: The ‘Boardwalk Empire’ cast gathered at Lafayette, and more, in this week’s roundup.
  41. Celebrity Settings
    Kim Kardashian and Michelle Obama Cross Paths at Carbone; Daniel Craig andPlus: Lady Gaga and R. Kelly hit Dos Caminos, and more, in this week’s roundup.
  42. Grape Expectations
    Brad and Angelina’s Rosé Ranks High on WineOf course it did.
  43. Truffle Shuffle
    De Blasio’s Monster Truffle Sent to High SchoolIt’s getting shaved.
  44. Truffle Shuffle
    Some Anonymous Person Just Bought Bill de Blasio an $8,000 TruffleAnother one sold for $120,000.
  45. Bumping Uglies
    Paris Restaurant Accused of Trying to Hide Ugly CustomersDespicable things are happening in the City of Lights.
  46. Don’t Believe the Pipe
    Rob Ford Finally Gets His Own Tribute HamburgerCrack pepper burger, get it?
  47. Food Court
    Woman Sues NYPD for Arresting Her After Sprite PurchaseAll she wanted was a soft drink.
  48. Quote Of The Day
    Usain Bolt Ate 100 McNuggets a Day Before His Olympic WinThe fastest man alive runs on processed chicken.
  49. Crunch Time
    Here’s an Unfortunate Meeting Between a $300,000 Ferrari and a ProduceOuch.
  50. Memes On Wheels
    Finally, Cupcakes and Kittens Are Together and On DemandIt’s come to this.
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