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  1. Ribnecks
    Canadian Chain Boston Pizza Debuts Offensive ‘Ribnecks’ Ad Campaign“We are also seeing many guests across the country responding favourably to the spot.”
  2. Burger Time
    Blame Canada: The Hosers at Umami Hatch a Poutine Burger“Beauty, eh?”
  3. Truckin’
    Debbie Lee Launches The Poutine TruckThe Food Network star is back with her second truck.
  4. Empire Building
    Soleil Is Adding P’tit Soleil For Tapas, Cocktails, and a Poutine MenuThe restaurant wants to highlight French small plates and Quebecois tapas.
  5. Community Boards
    CB2 Smiles on Little Owl Owner’s New One, Frowns on Cafe Gitane’sPlus, more news from last night’s community-board showdown.