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    People Are Furious Over a New Yorker Poem About Chinese FoodWriter Calvin Trillin says he was “making fun of food-obsessed bourgeoisie,” but few people see it that way.
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    Calvin Trillin Remembers Joe’s DairyNew York’s water, it turns out, it equally magical in mozzarella-making as it is for bagels.
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    A Dispatch From Calvin Trillin’s Always-Spectacular ‘NewStops included Bánh Mì Saigon Bakery and Murray’s Cheese.
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    The New Yorker’s Food Issue Is OutThe magazine’s food issue includes some cocktail pointers, butchery tips, and an essay by Mimi Sheraton about forgotten sausages.
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    Anyone Feel Like Grabbing Dinner at Ellis Island?The Great Hall is taking reservations for one night only.
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    Food Critics in Barbecue Brawl; Chez Le Chef to ShutterPlus: Frederick’s Downtown gets sued, in our morning news roundup.
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    Calvin Trillin on His Chinatown Stand-bys, and Sarah ‘Tic-Tac-ToeHe led a lucky group on his annual tour of Chinatown and the Lower East Side yesterday.
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    Kenny Shopsin’s Book: The Customer Is Wrong, Pancakes Are CrapThe mercurial restaurateur has written a book, and it’s titled (what else?) ‘Eat Me.’
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    ‘New Yorker’ Food Issue: Plenty to DigestThis week’s special food issue of The New Yorker would be worth reading without any specifically New York–oriented content. But fans of the locavore movement will probably want to flock to Adam Gopnik’s long piece on eating the fruits of the five boroughs (if you consider live poultry from the Bronx fruit, that is). Friend of Grub Street Gary Shteyngart has a moving little memoir about his boyhood love of McDonald’s that got us right in the kishkas. (Similar essays are by Anthony Lane, David Sedaris, and Nell Freudenberger.) But most enjoyable of all was Calvin Trillin’s essay about Singapore street food.