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  1. Calorie Crunchers
    FDA Now Says Calorie-Labeling Rule Won’t Go Into Effect Until 2017It’s the third delay to the deadline since 2015.
  2. Number Crunchers
    The FDA Will Announce Sweeping New Regulations That Require All Chains to PostThe new rules apply to supermarkets, coffee shops, and movie theaters, too
  3. Food Miles
    A New Study Shows That Calorie Counts on Menus Don’t Do Much at All“People don’t really understand what it means to say a typical soda has 250 calories,” says a researcher who thinks the number-board system of listing calorie counts is not effective.
  4. Who’s Counting?
    You’d Have to Swim for 7 Hours to Work Off Cheesecake Factory’s MostThere are 2,900 calories in the French Toast Napoleon.
  5. Calories
    Are These Really the 25 Best Chain Restaurant Dishes in America?Meanwhile, it’s gut-busts ahoy on the home front.
  6. Mediavore
    Philadelphia Officials Confiscate Cupcake Trucks; Try Fried Salad at the TexasThe city is confiscating cupcake trucks; are the disobedient cupcake entrepreneurs to blame?
  7. Calorific
    Sugar BombsThe twenty worst drinks in America, per ‘Men’s Health.’
  8. Friday Follies
    Modern Marvels: McDonald’s Map and iPhone AppsThe latest in food-finding and calorie-counting technology.
  9. Random Silliness
    Scariest Time-Waster Ever: The Alcoholic Calorie CounterA British binge-drinking widget may just be the funnest and most horrifying toy we’ve played with in a while.
  10. Mediavore
    Mo Pitkin’s Space Sells for $4M; Brennan’s Expansion StalledPlus: a culinary student on ‘Top Chef,’ and calorie posting moves north, all in our morning news roundup.
  11. Mediavore
    Subway Ads Teach You About Nutrition; Playboy Makes Wine a Little SexierA bouncer-led beatdown at Dorrian’s Red Hand, and Williamsburgers who don’t like the Kellogg’s Diner 2.0, from our glance at the morning headlines.
  12. Diet Diet Diet My Darling
    ‘Times,’ Gwyneth Paltrow Assure: It’s Okay to Eat Food AgainStudies show that calorie-counters are engaging in ‘positive eating.’ Wait, positive eating?