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Calorie Counts

  1. calorie counts
    Restaurant Chains Must Now Post Calorie Counts on MenusThe FDA’s long-awaited rule rolls out nationwide today.
  2. lawsuits
    Chipotle Accused of Fibbing About the Calories in Its BurritosThe lawsuit contends that consumers are lulled into “a false belief” that chorizo burritos only have 300 calories.
  3. Heatlh
    A Major Winemaker Will Soon Post Calorie CountsTreasury Wine Estates will blaze the trail.
  4. Number Crunchers
    Microbreweries Say Calorie Counts Will Be Ruinously ExpensiveThey argue “there’s no way” they can afford to test every beer.
  5. Science
    Low-Calorie Rice Could Be the Food of the FutureResearchers have discovered a new, healthier way to cook it.
  6. Exact Change
    FDA to Require Calorie Counts on Snack Vending MachinesHow many calories is that Snickers bar worth to you?
  7. Health Concerns
    There’s a New Electronic Fork That Will Supposedly Help You Not Get FatIt vibrates to tell you you’re eating too fast, or too much.
  8. Exact Change
    Calorie Counts Coming to Soda Vending MachinesYou will never not know how many calories that Fanta has.
  9. Shacking and Stacking
    Shake Shack Is Posting Its Calorie Counts NowDanny Meyer’s burger chain quietly added them earlier this month.
  10. Outrages
    Rouge Tomate Trims the Fat on Its Tasting MenuOnly 1,000 calories? What if we’re still hungry?
  11. Health Concerns
    NYU Researchers: Kids Basically Ignore Calorie Counts on MenusBarely half of New York teens even notice them.
  12. Health Concerns
    Hey, Did You Know That Tasting Menus Are Super-Calorific?In fact, some of them exceed the USDA’s suggested daily allowance.