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  1. Closings
    Calliope Closes in the East Village to Make Way for ContradaIt all starts with dinner this weekend.
  2. Leftovers
    Celebrate Earth Day at the Musket Room; Calliope’s Literary SeriesToday’s Leftovers.
  3. Chef Shuffle
    Eric Korsh Replaces Floyd Cardoz at North End GrillHis “official debut” is May 1.
  4. Leftovers
    Eleven Madison Park’s Kentucky Derby Party; Vinegar Hill House andAnd more, in today’s Leftovers.
  5. Leftovers
    Butter Midtown Now Serving Brunch; Taste of the Nation Culinary Benefit DinnerPlus: new sandwich at Bromberg Bros. Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  6. Leftovers
    Calliope’s Writer Series; Momofuku’s Cocktail 101 ClassPlus: ‘Potluck Video’ hits TV, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  7. Chef Shuffle
    Ginevra Iverson and Eric Korsh Have Left CalliopeThe talented husband-and-wife team is looking for a new project.
  8. Service!
    Calliope’s $16 Lunch (With Wine) Is a Fantastic DealIt’s inspired by little French bistros.
  9. My Dinner With Gary
    Gary Shteyngart Wants You to Join Him for Dinner at CalliopeThe food will be Russian, the reading will be funny.
  10. Leftovers
    Literary Lunches at Calliope; Terroir’s David Bowie CelebrationPlus: Harlem Shake’s adult happy meals, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  11. Leftovers
    Cronut Giveaway at Hester Holiday Market; Gramercy Tavern and Num PangPlus: Melvin’s Juice Box cleanses, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  12. Foodievents
    Calliope Debuts Monthly Cookbook-Based Dinners, and the First One Looks AmazingThe East Village restaurant is bringing calves’-tongue pot-au-feu back.
  13. Trendlet
    New York Sour: Tart, Tangy Flavors Rule the FoodscapeFor a species that naturally gravitates to sugar and fat, we seem to be going through a decidedly sour phase.
  14. Leftovers
    DuMont Team Thanks Community; The Museum of Food and Drink’s Opening PartyPlus: Mediterranean Night at Murray’s Cheese Bar, plus more, in today’s Leftovers.
  15. The Grub Street Diet
    Alain Ducasse Loves Lafayette’s Chicken and Carbone’s Theatrics“Mid-recipe, we also snacked on toasted bread that had been used to soak up some of the fat from the sliced marrow medallions roasting in the oven.”
  16. The Pass
    Where the Ramps Are: Restaurants Serving Spring Vegetables Right NowMorels, fiddlehead ferns, stinging nettles, and more foraged sticks than you can shake a stick at.
  17. In Season
    In Season: Calliope’s Spicy Marinated Mackerel With Hass AvocadoYou’ll find Hass avocados in the supermarket year-round, but their oil content increases in the spring.
  18. Trends
    New York New Wave: The Manhattan Bistro Moves Beyond BalthazarAfter years of trattorias, farm-to-table American fare, and foraged Nordic food, New York is in the midst of a French revolution.
  19. Eat Well
    Eat Well: Sustainable Seafood and a Very Well-Stocked KitchenPlus: Pok Pok’s soms, coffee cake for breakfast, and more, all in our weekly roundup of healthy food around town.
  20. In Season
    In Season: Calliope’s Rainbow Chard-and-Sorrel GratinIts ruffly leaves and sturdy stems count as two vegetables in one, and both can be used to great effect in rich gratins.
  21. Leftovers
    Beer Cookies Are a Thing; the Wallace to Open in Clinton HillPlus: cheap beer and oysters at Oceana, and more of today’s leftovers.
  22. Chef Shuffle
    Calliope Sweet on Pastry Chef Shuna LydonWe had a feeling there was something there.
  23. The Other Critics
    Cheshes Gives Blanca Four Stars; Super Linda’s Staff Is ‘TrulyPlus: Sietsema likes Rosemary’s, Wells finds Reynards a bit ‘Portlandia,’ and more of this week’s restaurant reviews.
  24. Restaurant Review
    Platt on East Village Brasserie CalliopeIt may not be suited to the East Village, but its perfectly executed bistro dishes would be tasty anywhere.
  25. The Other Critics
    Pete Wells Impressed With Atera; New Yorker Finds Joanne TrattoriaPlus: Tejal Rao on Calliope, Jay Cheshes on Potlikker, and more of this week’s critical reviews.
  26. First Look
    First Look at CalliopeA look at the space, and the food, from the new East Village spot run by Waverly Inn and Prune alums.
  27. Openings
    What to Eat at Calliope, the East Village Spot From a Couple of Prune andFirst-rate headcheese and radishes on Second Avenue.
  28. Coming Soon
    Shuna Lydon Paints a New One in the East VillageLooks like the talented pastry chef is staying in the East Village.
  29. Openings
    Calliope Will Replace Belcourt, But Not With Gabrielle HamiltonPrune is involved, but only by association.