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  1. Did Blue Apron’s Fast Growth Create Sweatshoplike Conditions in Its Warehouse?A report says violence, safety violations, and low pay plague the meal-kit service’s Bay Area fulfillment center.
  2. the feeding tube
    Sylvester Stallone Is Making a Show About a Real-Life Pizzeria in Beverly HillsPizza Guy is based on the life of Hollywood-connected owner Richie Palmer.
  3. lawsuits
    Chipotle Sued for Alleged Racial Discrimination Now, TooA former employee claims race played a role in shift assignments.
  4. pop-ups
    Restaurant Tupac Designed Will Open on the 20th Anniversary of His DeathIt’s based on his own sketches.
  5. cake drama
    Bakery’s Trans Ken Doll Cake Is the Latest LGBT Dessert ‘Outrage’Online critics say Ken in buttercream drag is clearly the work of the devil.
  6. soda wars
    Berkeley’s Soda Tax Appears to Be WorkingA new study charts a 21 percent drop in consumption after it went into effect.
  7. crime scene
    How One Wine Dealer Defrauded His Customers Out of $45 MillionHe had been ripping customers off since the early ’90s.
  8. Some Even Worse News for America’s Beloved AvocadosA California heat wave has some farmers predicting “a minimal amount” for next year.
  9. Serious Beef
    Vegan-Restaurant Owners Receive Death Threats Over Animal-Slaughter Scandal“People have taken up the mob mentality.”
  10. Discrimination
    Woman Says Café Booted Her for Being MuslimShe called it “a painful and embarrassing reminder” of what it’s like to wear a headscarf.
  11. Lawsuits
    Man Says Trader Joe’s Fired Him for Complaining About Penis Toy“When submerged in water, it would increase in size.”
  12. Bad Customers
    ‘Dissatisfied’ Customer Shoots Up Taco Truck With His ShotgunKeep this man away from Chipotle.
  13. Racism
    Two ACLU Lawyers Claim a Bar Kicked Them Out for Being BlackThe owner should probably expect a lawsuit.
  14. Seafood Struggles
    California’s Dungeness Crab Season ReopensEh, it’s better late than never.
  15. Bargains
    Here’s Your Chance to Buy the French Laundry’s Kitchen (Sort Of)Thomas Keller is selling all of the equipment his team has used for the last decade.
  16. News You Can Booze
    California Brewery Resorts to Making Beer From Recycled BathwaterIt’s trying to use NASA technology to brew an IPA that won’t exacerbate the ongoing drought.
  17. Food Fights
    California Markets Olive Oil As Scandal-FreePlus, Stateside orchards are “industrial marvels.”
  18. Great Ideas
    America Finally Gets the All-Nacho Restaurant It DeservesNachoria gets serious about everybody’s favorite DIY drunk food.
  19. Work-Free Drug Place
    These Pizza Hut Employees Spent Their New Year’s Eve Shift Getting High AFThey rang in 2016 with a large bong.
  20. Miracles
    World’s Kindest Waiter Returns $32,000 in Cash Left at His TableHe reportedly won’t accept a reward, either.
  21. Health Concerns
    Crab Season Delayed Along Entire West Coast Because of Deadly ToxinHealth officials still have no end date.
  22. The Chain Gang
    Here’s What a Taco Bell Looks Like Casually Cruising Down the StreetPlenty of people documented the “Numero Uno” location’s late-night move.
  23. Tips
    Customers Generously Tip Waitress Who Received a Racist ReceiptThe note said, “Tip for U.S. citizens only.”
  24. Crisis
    The Pacific Fishery Is Having a Rough YearSea lions are suffering because of California’s crab crisis, and that’s bad news for the whole ecosystem.
  25. Health Concerns
    San Francisco’s Dungeness Crab Season Marred by Health ScareOfficials warn that the shellfish currently contain a deadly neurotoxin.
  26. Health Concerns
    This Restaurant Has Been Linked to More Than 140 Cases of ShigellosisThe future isn’t looking so bright for a seafood spot in California.
  27. Awards
    Another American Restaurant Has Earned Michelin’s Highest RatingDavid Kinch’s Manresa got a serious upgrade.
  28. Acts of Kindness
    A Jilted Bride Donated Her Wedding Feast to the HomelessHer family decided to “take away something good from this.”
  29. Troubled Waters
    California Is So Water-Starved That Its Restaurants Are Resorting to DisposableWho’s ready to drink Cab from a Solo cup?
  30. Awful Things
    Whole Foods Is Working to Make Amends After a Guard Attacked a Black CustomerThe company has fired both the guard and the security company.
  31. Video Feed
    Hero Saves Perfectly Cooked Ribs From Apartment Fire“I got my kids first. And I thought about my ribs.”
  32. Gimmicks
    This Man’s Giving Away His Restaurant to Whoever Writes the Best EssayHe wants it double-spaced with three paragraphs.
  33. Food Safety
    At Least 99 People Are Sick After Eating at a ChipotleIncluding 17 employees, whose absence forced the California location to close.
  34. Health Concerns
    A Lawmaker Wants to Put Warning Labels on Food Affected by Fracking“Produced using recycled or treated oil-field wastewater.”
  35. Tips
    Exceedingly Generous Waiter Splits $585 Tip With All His Co-WorkersIt came out to $73 apiece.
  36. Water Fight
    California’s Restaurant-Water Restrictions Probably Aren’t Making aAccording to one estimate, the amount saved is roughly .2 percent of the water used to grow the state’s almonds.
  37. Awful Things
    A 5-Year-Old Found a Hidden Camera in a Starbucks BathroomEw.
  38. Fascinations
    On the Trail With In-N-Out’s PresidentShe’s been called the youngest female billionaire in America. She owns one of the country’s most beloved burger chains. Yet she remains completely shrouded in mystery.
  39. Crime
    A Con Artist Is Accused of Selling $4 Million Worth of Fake In-N-Out FranchisesHis prison nickname will probably be “Animal Style.”
  40. Bridge Over Troubled Water
    Starbucks Agrees to Stop Bottling Water in Drought-Stricken CaliforniaThe company’s Ethos Water program will find a new source.
  41. The Drought
    The California Drought Pushed One Chef to Figure Out a Way to Clean Dishes WithAs a result, he’s using 80 percent less waster.
  42. Planet Earth
    Drought-Stricken Californians Are Ticked That Nestlé Won’t StopProtestors recently picketed a plant with torches and pitchforks.
  43. Awful Things
    World’s All-Time Worst Customers Dine and Dash, Then Run Over TheirSo much pain over a $45 check.
  44. Environment
    California’s New Regulation Requires Customers to Request WaterServers cannot automatically bring it out with menus.
  45. Foie Gras
    L.A. Food Truck Honors California Foie Gras Ruling With $10 Foie SlidersAre you surprised it took this long?
  46. Random Acts of Wineness
    A Millionaire Calling Herself ‘Secret Somm’ Randomly GivesSo far, the mysterious person has given away 75 bottles worth more than $4,000.
  47. Foiemageddon
    California’s Attorney General Will Try to Re-Ban Foie GrasThe state confirms the battle is moving to the 9th Circuit.
  48. Divisive Dishes
    Fat, Chants: A Humane Evening of Protesting Foie Gras in L.A.Checking in with animal-rights advocates outside one of Santa Monica’s most lauded restaurants.
  49. Me-owwwww Quit It
    Cat Café Threatens to Ban Kids Who Won’t Quit Tormenting the AnimalsWon’t someone think of the kittens?
  50. News
    A Restaurateur Posted an ‘English-Only’ Rule for HisCustomers were getting “uncomfortable,” the owner said.
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