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  1. the grub street diet
    Hua Hsu Orders the Special“It was a sheet of hash browns folded over cheese and bacon, resting on heirloom tomatoes and a fried egg.”
  2. california wildfires
    The Acclaimed Restaurant at Meadowood Has Been DestroyedChef Christopher Kostow’s Michelin-starred California restaurant was burned in a wildfire.
  3. statements
    Chef David Kinch Withdraws His Name From This Year’s James Beard Awards“The idea of celebrating achievement … simply does not feel right.”
  4. the grub street diet
    Rancho Gordo’s Steve Sando Avoids the Grocery Store at All Costs“I have all the beans I want, which definitely helps.”
  5. lawsuits
    California Officially Comes to Its SensesCancer warnings won’t hit the Golden State’s coffee cups after all.
  6. interviews
    Meet Soleil Ho, America’s Newest Restaurant CriticHo takes over at the San Francisco Chronicle after the previous critic held the job for 30-plus years.
  7. disgraceful
    A Line Cook Says She Was Fired for Speaking SpanishFrancisca Pérez alleges her boss demanded she speak English.
  8. outbreaks
    FDA Says It’s Identified the Source of the Romaine OutbreakWhich means romaine lettuce may return to the produce section very soon.
  9. food fight
    Brave Californian Admits in Public That In-N-Out Is Just OkaySpeak truth to burgers.
  10. heartwarming stories
    This Is Just an Extremely Heartwarming Story About a Doughnut ShopCustomers are showing up at 4:30 a.m. to buy the shop out early and allow its owner to be with his sick wife.
  11. lawsuits
    California May Walk Back Cancer Warning for CoffeeNew research showing that coffee is benign has a state agency calling for the removal of cancer warnings on everyone’s favorite caffeinated beverage.
  12. the chain gang
    Chipotle Will Move Its Headquarters to California — Right by Taco BellCan Chipotle’s version of cheesy chalupas be far behind?
  13. the chain gang
    New Video Shows Another Starbucks Denying Bathroom Access to a Black ManThe video has now been viewed 1.5 million times.
  14. lawsuits
    Coffee Will Carry a Cancer Warning in CaliforniaA judge just ruled that Starbucks and other companies could not sufficiently prove that no risk exists.
  15. lawsuits
    Pabst Sued for Saying Some of Its Beer Is Fancier Than It Really IsOlympia Beer supposedly contains “pure mountain water,” but is brewed near an EPA Superfund site.
  16. robots
    A Burger Chain Added a Burger-Flipping Robot — It Lasted for a DayFlippy already needs a bit of retooling.
  17. lawsuits
    Couple Claims Starbucks Served Them a Frappuccino Tainted With a Barista’s BloodThe manager allegedly offered “free drinks for a week.”
  18. openings
    Danny Meyer–Backed California Chain Tender Greens Opens in Flatiron Next WeekThe West Coast chain is about more than just salad.
  19. make it stop
    This Is the Sushi Story That Is Horrifying the Internet“He grabs it, and he pulls on it, and it keeps coming out.”
  20. robots
    Get Ready to Order Burgers With Your FaceCaliBurger has debuted the country’s first facial-recognition sales system.
  21. california wildfires
    Wildfires Have Decimated America’s Top Region for Avocados and LemonsFarmers predict crop losses as high as 80 percent.
  22. barbaric yelp
    Yelpers Are Trashing a Restaurant That Resold Popeyes Chicken As Its Own“If you want Popeyes chicken … go to Popeyes.”
  23. good causes
    How to Help Victims of California’s Devastating WildfiresWinemakers, sommeliers, and fanatics have organized fundraisers and are donating sales to organizations helping victims.
  24. news you can booze
    Wineries May Have Kept California’s Wildfires From Getting Even WorseVineyard owners say they’ve emerged “largely unscathed.”
  25. california wildfires
    Chef Dominique Crenn Will Deliver Food to California Wildfire Victims TodayThe chef is asking San Franciscans to help her and her employees make sandwiches this morning.
  26. lawsuits
    California’s Coffee Could Soon Carry Cancer WarningsA lawsuit argues that the drink contains a cancer-causing chemical.
  27. lawsuits
    Chefs Aren’t Happy Federal Judges Upheld California’s Foie Gras Ban“Don’t we have anything better to do than attack foie gras?”
  28. recalls
    A Deadly Salmonella Outbreak Is Plaguing Mexican PapayasThe CDC warns that there are 200 sick people in 23 states, and there’s been one death.
  29. news you can booze
    Blistering Heat Turned Lots of Napa’s Wine Grapes Into RaisinsThe natural consequence of three days of 110-degree temperatures.
  30. shortages
    Avocado Prices Climb to an Even Crazier All-time HighA case of them costs four times what it did at the start of 2016.
  31. edibles
    A Californian Is Making Pot-Infused Farm-to-Table Olive OilPot d’Huile combines the “spirit” of West Coast locavores with the “needs” of cannabis users.
  32. news you can booze
    People Are Still Taking Wine Advice From That Movie SidewaysMaybe it’s time to stop trashing Merlot.
  33. whoops
    Diner Gets Free Dead Frog in Her BJ’s Restaurant SaladThe chain initially didn’t even offer to comp her beer.
  34. food thefts
    Thieves Were Arrested After Selling $300,000 Worth of Stolen AvocadosFarm workers sold the green gold at a steep discount.
  35. bans
    Berkeley Could Ban Plastic StrawsThey want to encourage people to carry around their own personal straw.
  36. lawsuits
    Woman Sues Jelly Belly for Deceptive Practice of Adding SugarThe company’s lawyers call the lawsuit “nonsense.”
  37. horrible things
    California Man Dies After Eating Gas Station Nachos Tainted With BotulismThe outbreak has hospitalized at least nine other people.
  38. good news
    California Farmers May Soon Be Able to Grow Avocados Year-roundResearchers say they’ve found three varieties that could last all four seasons.
  39. congrats
    Hungry Couple Holds Wedding Reception at In-N-Out by ChurchThey proceeded to order two Double-Doubles and some Animal-style fries.
  40. crimes against wine
    The French Laundry’s Wine Thief Will Serve 15 Months in the SlammerHe made off with 110 bottles worth an estimated $550,000.
  41. shortages
    Now, California’s Almonds Are Getting Destroyed by Too Much RainMore than 27 inches have inundated the state’s $5 billion crop this winter.
  42. fish fraud
    Court Makes Restaurant Pay $120,000 for Pawning Off Tilapia as Pricier FishYet another reminder that fish fraud doesn’t pay.
  43. crime scene
    Police Are After a Man Who Thew a Bomb into a Crowded L.A. Cheesecake FactoryLuckily no injuries have been reported.
  44. bad news
    Now Climate Change Is Destroying California’s Pistachio and Almond TreesWarmer temperatures are “dramatically” reducing their yield.
  45. the chain gang
    Taco Bell Warns It’s Testing Out ‘Loaded’ French FriesAmerica’s most obligatory fast-food item is getting a trial run in at least one California location.
  46. news you can booze
    Man Pleads Guilty to French Laundry’s $500,000 Wine HeistThe thief admits he stole some of the world’s rarest wines from one of the country’s best restaurants.
  47. the grub street diet
    Reformation Founder Yael Aflalo Loves Pumpkin Pie and DIY Sundaes“I went to see a nutritionist who told me that bacon is good and I was like, ‘All right, let’s do it. I agree.’”
  48. meal kits
    Blue Apron Shipped Food for 3 Years Without Proper Government ApprovalIt registered last month, three days after a damning report came out.
  49. empire building
    Vegan Chain Veggie Grill Raises $22 Million for Massive ExpansionSeoul Bowls could be headed for the Midwest and East Coast.
  50. lgbt discrimination
    California Restaurants Have Started the Nation’s First Transgender Jobs ProgramA big trade group hopes to extend a trans-friendly restaurateur’s success statewide.
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