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  1. robots
    A Burger Chain Added a Burger-Flipping Robot — It Lasted for a DayFlippy already needs a bit of retooling.
  2. robots
    Flippy the Burger–Flipping Robot Just Secured $10 Million in FundingThe future of grilling debuts soon in CaliBurger, and has backing from one of the U.S.’s biggest hospitality groups.
  3. robots
    Get Ready to Order Burgers With Your FaceCaliBurger has debuted the country’s first facial-recognition sales system.
  4. robots
    The Robots Have Finally Arrived to Take Our Burger-Flipping JobsThe chain CaliBurger is swapping its human cooks with a robot named Flippy.
  5. Burger Time
    In-N-Out Burger Pops-Up in Shanghai to Defend Its PurityThe SoCal burger chain comes gunning for a bootlegger named CaliBurger.