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Calbi Fusion Tacos And Burritos

  1. Mediavore
    Beso Gets Its Own VH1 Show; Carly Simon’s Starbucks Suit DismissedTodd English and Eva Longoria’s restaurant is bound for the airwaves, while a singer fails to make her case that a coffee chain owed her.
  2. Empire Building
    Calbi Spreads Korean Tacos to TexasKogi won’t be the only household name in Korean tacos for long.
  3. Mediavore
    Seinfeld Sued for Slandering Cookbook Author; Jamie Oliver Mulls Baby NamesA sitcom star could land in court for upsetting a toque and a celebrity chef may be over-thinking his child’s name.
  4. Empire Building
    The Calbi Truck Storms Universal StudiosCalbi begins its planned expansion with a trip to a theme park.
  5. Empire Building
    Calbi Trucks To Be Franchised by Baja FreshA corporate restaurant chain starts franchising Korean taco trucks.
  6. Truckin’
    Calbi BBQ Comes to U.S.C.; Baby’s Badass Cruises to Miracle MileKogi’s competitors rule Wilshire Blvd. today.