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  1. the year i ate new york
    New York’s Way-Too-Cute (But Not Too Sweet) Asian PastriesCakes and crêpes to make you squeal.
  2. cooking
    It’s Time for FunfettiThis is not birthday cake or celebration cake. It’s cake because things are grim and it is a Wednesday.
  3. shopping
    Costco Still Doesn’t Trust America With Its Sheet CakesAt least 601 Americans, however, want them back.
  4. sweet tooth
    This Cake Tastes How Vacation FeelsThe Tropical Layer Cake from Pilar Cuban Bakery showcases coconut, mango, guava, and passion fruit.
  5. cake gaffes
    Publix Refuses to Print ‘Cum’ on Summa Cum Laude Graduate’s CakeThe store offered to remake it, but the kid’s mom said, “No, you only graduate once.”
  6. The Absolute Best Cakes in New YorkAll cake is good, but some are markedly better. And these are the very best.
  7. the dish
    Acclaimed Pastry Chef Karen DeMasco is Back to Baking at HearthThe master of homespun cakes and cookies is milling her own flour and banishing white sugar.
  8. Takes the Cake
    Get Ready for Two More Patti LaBelle Desserts at WalmartThe supermarket hopes “Patti cakes” will go as viral as her sweet-potato pie.
  9. The Dish
    Christina Tosi’s Cranberry-Gingerbread CakeA six-inch “gingerbread house meets cranberry pie ” that evokes festivities without trying to compete with anyone’s grandma.
  10. Clear The Air
    Let’s Talk About This Cake Batter That Comes in a Spray CanThe country’s fine-dining kitchens already use sprayable cake batter.
  11. Video Feed
    This Mathematician Thinks He’s Discovered a Better Way to Cut CakeYou’ll have to figure out how to eat it, too, though.
  12. Cake
    Watch a Woman Decorate a Cake on the Subway and Serve Slices to Passengers“Can I have one of the small slices?”
  13. Cake
    Maison Kayser Rolls Out the King CakeExpect more baguettes in 2013.