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Caitlin Flanagan

  1. Go Ask Alice
    New Study Gives Alice Waters Fresh Ways to Dismiss Her HatersOf 238 Berkeley schoolkids tracked, the ones who learned how to garden were more likely to eat their spinach.
  2. Go Ask Alice
    Why Does Alice Waters Inspire So Many Haters?The ‘lightning rod for Berkeley elitism’ gets reamed once more in a national publication.
  3. Beef
    Corby Kummer Defends Alice Waters from Mean Caitlin FlanaganThe Atlantic’s own food editor takes on Caitlin Flanagan’s criticisms of Alice Waters.
  4. Beef
    Caitlin Flanagan Doubts Alice WatersCaitlin Flanagan takes aim at the Edible Schoolyard program, saying it doesn’t work and has an unsavory agenda.