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Cafe Was

  1. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    What to Expect at Alex Reznik’s FiOLA, Due Downtown This SummerThe Top Chef plans a seasonal Northern Italy-meets-Southern California approach, with cocktails by Matt Biancaniello.
  2. Mediavore
    Grocery Workers Reject Proposed Health Benefits; Spices May Fight Fatty FoodsA strike is looming for Southern California’s major grocery chains.
  3. L.A. Diet
    Chef Alex Reznik Drinks Kosher Wine, Eats Pork-Belly Sliders at Animal“There are days when I’m driving home that I go ‘Aww, I didn’t eat anything today and I’m not going to Taco Bell. I’m not doing it.’”
  4. Celebrity Settings
    John Gotti Jr. Dines With Travolta at Amici; Paris Hilton Buys a Cougar BurgerApparently, Vinnie Barbarino got the blessing to play The Teflon Don while dining in Santa Monica with his son.
  5. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Alex Reznik Modernizing Russian Classics at Test KitchenCould this be a sign of a solo project to come?
  6. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Alex Reznik Bails Cafe WasAfter two years and one television show, the chef will move to a “new adventure.”
  7. Mediavore
    Ludo Lefebvre Explains It All; Alex Reznik Is Not Into Coke and HookersThe pop-up chef just wants to be free, while the Cafe Was chef explains comments made on Top Chef.
  8. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Where to Taste Alex Reznik’s Recipes From Top ChefCafe Was offers the dishes, as seen on T.V., for four dollars each.